Consistency is hard


I have heard it a million times: consistency is the key to success. I definitely don’t argue with that and I really like that thought. I like that if I work at something over the long term, I will see results. This goes for any area of my life: relationships, fitness, career, finances, etc. You put in the effort consistently and good happens. But I’m going to be honest with you… consistency can be downright hard.

It’s one thing to do a job well done once, give yourself a pat on the back and move on. But it’s a totally different thing when you do this day in and day out, even when you’re not getting that pat on the back. To stick with something even when you’re not seeing the immediate results is not easy, but that’s the true measure of “how bad do you want it?”

Do you want it even when it’s difficult? When there are other things you could be doing in that moment? When people think you’re silly for trying? When laying on the couch seems oh so appealing? When that piece of chocolate cake is screaming your name? When you have the option to enjoy the long leisurely lunch?

A lot of times it’s just as easy to call it quits as it is to keep pushing forward. When you’re trying to better your nutrition, it takes just as much effort to stuff your face with a juicy cheeseburger as it does a healthy salad. The action is generally the same, but the thought that goes into it is much different. It requires thoughtful planning and will power to go for the nutritious option when your belly is probably calling for that beef. But your mind knows the power of consistency. Eating a salad once won’t get you to your goals, but choosing the healthy options over and over certainly will.

Consistency requires thought, planning, intention, dedication. One cannot be consistent and also thoughtless. You must have the end goal in mind. This brings me to my last and most critical point.

You must have an end goal and a strong reason for wanting to get there. What is it that you’re pushing towards? More importantly, WHY? This question will fuel your fire. It will keep you going when times get tough. When you’re standing at that crossroads of staying consistent or taking the easier path, you will know the right thing to do. When your “why” is strong, you can power through anything!

What goals do you have? What have you done today to help you get there?

I believe you can do it. Go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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