Living in Paradise


Beginning tomorrow, we will have a week in paradise. We have planned a vacation and have been counting down for what feels like forever. This week was extremely difficult at work because my mind was already in Punta Cana although I still had to be in the office.

Eric and I love traveling. We have had the privilege to go to some pretty cool places in the last few years: Belgium, Key West, Cozumel, and Mexico for Christmas coming up. I always find myself counting down to these trips, and rightfully so. It’s exciting to see new places and be away from normal life. The second part of that is what gets me… I so look forward to getting away from my normal, every day life.

Do not get me wrong, I am very blessed and thankful to have the life that I do. I understand that I am exactly where I am for a reason. God has placed me in this job for a purpose. It allows me to pay the bills, provides me with benefits so I have good access to the medical care I need, and gives me paid time off so we can go on these vacations.

I also understand this is not where I will be forever. It is not my passion. It is not something I get excited about. Sadly, while I’m there I count down the time until I can leave {I really like counting down apparently…}

I am working on building a career where I can work at home that is directly tied to my passion of helping others and improving myself. I am designing my own life. Life is too short to be doing something you do not LOVE! Find your passion and LIVE IT OUT!

I want every day to feel like paradise…

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