Hi friend!

Here is the story you may (or may not) have been waiting to hear: the proposal story!

Eric and I love traveling! That was one of the reasons we knew this would be a forever thing – if you can travel far with someone and manage to still enjoy their company, you are onto something good! Traveling can bring out the not so pretty in people because it puts us out of our comfort zone. I loved him before, but I knew it was really going to stick when we traveled all the way to Belgium together for Thanksgiving last year.

We took a cruise for the birthday in January and just got back from Nashville in July, but we knew we needed a vacation far away somewhere beautiful – hello Dominican Republic! For anyone that hasn’t been to Punta Cana, I would highly recommend it. And stay VIP at the Riu Palace Bavaro Resort… you won’t regret it.


Eric brought his Go Pro on the trip (duh!) and decided on Wednesday that we should head out to the beach at sunset for some footage for the vacay video he was going to edit. I agreed. Something deep down kept nudging at me that this could be the day… this could be it! BUT I did not want to get that thought in my head. I didn’t want to be disappointed if he honestly just wanted to head out to the beach to take some pretty videos and pics. So after getting ready we headed out to the beach. I was wearing my Jack Rodgers and tried to convince him to just get some footage from the end of the street so I didn’t have to get my feet sandy – oops! Good thing I’m not very convincing 😉



We went out to the beach and the sky was just gorgeous. We were some of the only people out there since it was dinner time and everyone was probably already sunburnt from the day. He got his desired footage and then had my hold the Go Pro. I didn’t think much about it until he dropped down on one knee and held out a ring. OMG OMG OMG IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!



I kept my cool {mostly} and let him put on the most stunning ring I have personally ever seen. I couldn’t believe it. Was this really happening? I’m going to be married?? Am I even old enough to be someone’s wife!? Yes, yes, and happily yes.

The weight of the nervousness was finally lifted off Eric’s shoulders, but I was too excited and shocked to eat much of our dinner. Didn’t have any problem sipping celebratory champagne though!

I still cannot believe my dream is coming true.

I have found the one whom my soul loves -Song of Solomon 3:4


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