Just a page…

Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (NIV)

I am going to be honest. This week has been a struggle. There has been discouragement, stress, tears. Why can’t everything just be easy?? Why can’t it all just go the way I want it to? I like having control over things and it makes me uneasy when I don’t have that. I have been trying to part with this characteristic. Action is good, control is not. And it’s unrealistic. I cannot control most things around me, but I do know The One that is in total control… over every aspect of my world.

I read this verse this morning and that was before I really even knew I needed it today {God knows exactly what we need before we even realize we need it.} I have held on to it and when things started happening in my day that I felt were not good, I was reminded of this promise. He is working for my GOOD. Not my frustration, not my sadness, not my stress, not my discouragement. My good.

This promise calmed the depths of my heart that really just wanted to cry. If the God of the universe is working FOR me, who or what could ever be against me? Let that sink in.

In this, I am also reminded of His timing. Often times, we are on different clocks. I want things to happen now. I want the goodness now. But that’s not always when I’m ready for it. God is faithful, but He is not our genie. I cannot count all the times I’m so glad I did not get what I thought I wanted when I thought I wanted it. Isn’t it such a blessing to get what’s best, not just what we would settle for in the moment? The best takes time and it’s not up to me to decide when that time will be.

When I walk Stella I like to chat with God about what’s on my heart. Give Him thanks, ask Him for wisdom, ask Him for help — I need all of those every day. Today, I was hit with the realization that what I’m going through now is not my full story. It’s not done. It is just a part. Just a page. What I’m going through now is a stepping stone to the better things ahead. It will not be like this forever, but once I get to that other side, I will be so grateful for these pages.

You cannot have success and happiness without some failures and trouble. Life does hand you just the good without the not so good. We are given both and it’s up to us to decide what we want more of. I am deciding now I want more of the good. I will be joyful in my every day because I am alive and well. I will be thankful for the blessings I am given. I will not let my circumstances or setbacks define me, but it will be His word and His promises that show me who I am.

I am letting go of what has held me back — fear, control, doubt. I am stepping into His plans, His purpose, His good.

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