New season, same craziness

Okay, seriously, where did September go!? The month just seemed to fly by. Probably because if you’re anything like me, life has been CRAZY lately!! This is a season of planning and growing for me. Planning a wedding, planning/growing in my fitness biz, growing as a soon-to-be-wife, growing in my current job, etc. Planning and growing.

So among all the craziness, there are some things I recommend doing to remain sane 😉

  1. Unplug – make sure you build in some time during your week for some “me” time. This is time checked out of social media, maybe with a loved one or by yourself. It’s important for me to unplug so I can refocus my attention and recharge. You won’t miss anything major, I promise!
  2. Ask for help – you were not made to do life alone. Delegate tasks. Team up with someone to knock out projects. Even if someone can’t physically be there to help me, I ask for prayer from my close friends and family. There is power in prayer, y’all!
  3. Do the ‘dreaded’ items first – whatever on your to-do list that is weighing most heavy on you is likely the item you should get done first! Why? It’s probably not so bad once you actually do it AND you won’t have to think about it anymore – win win! A lot of the time I spend more time being anxious over the task than the time I actually spend doing it. Go ahead and get it done!! You will feel much more accomplished.
  4. Make time for friends – when I’m super busy, I can go days or even weeks without really connecting with friends. That sounds bad now that I say it, but it’s not hard to do. Especially in our world today, we are constantly “connecting” with others on social media, but there is something so special and therapeutic about personally connecting. Meet up for coffee, call a friend, go shopping together. Cultivate your relationships because at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters. Those conversations and friendships will encourage, inspire, and just let you enjoy life a little more ❤
  5. Treat your body well – exercise and eat right! Exercise boosts your energy, gets creativity flowing, improves your mood, and clears your head. I feel SO much better after a good sweat sesh. And just because you’re busy, don’t let your nutrition fall apart. Yes, the drive through windows are tempting, but that junk will just have you feeling icky. Keep fruit and veggies on hand. Prep satisfying, healthy meals so they’re ready to grab when you’re flying out the door for your busy day! Be good to your body and your body will be good to you!

This month is going to be your BEST YET!!! Cheers to a crazy, fresh start this season.

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