Prosper where you’re planted

Work for a cause, not applause

Live to express, not to impress

Don’t try to make your presence seen, strive to make your absence felt

“Prosper where you’re planted.” This simple sentence has brought so much truth and clarity into my world. Prosper. Here. Where you are. Right this moment. What does that look like for you?

I graduated college in May of 2014. Since then I have held 3 different full-time positions. And other areas of my life have changed drastically too. I’m in a different part of NC, in my own home, engaged and planning a wedding. There are many moments where I doubt my abilities. I question WHY or HOW I got to where I am. I too often look way too far ahead and think “once I get there, then I’ll really feel success and happiness.”

Does this happen to you too? Once I purchase that. Once I lose this much weight. Once I make that much money. Then all my problems will be solved and I’ll be happy. But do you know what happens? You reach that goal and maybe realize nothing else changes. You’ve gotten the promotion you have been dreaming about for years, but your relationships, your emotions, you situations – they don’t really change.

I think we often times place too much emphasis on the future. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a planner. I like to know what’s coming and I like to think ahead. I don’t see a problem with that, with day dreaming, with creating visions for how you want your future to look. I actually think those are really good things to do. But the problem is introduced when we’re too busy looking ahead that we’re missing out on now .

What could you do right here in this moment, in this day that you have, to make a difference? To be happier? To brighten someone’s day? Our culture places high value on getting ahead and thinking about tomorrow, but we struggle with living in the moment and doing as much as we can with what we have.

You have been given this life because you were created for it. Every obstacle and challenge you face has been placed there because you need it. You were designed to overcome it and to improve. I think life really starts to change when you focus on the here and now. Prosper right here where you’re planted.

A flower growing in a pot doesn’t just decide to stop blooming because it would rather be planted in the ground. With the proper sunlight, soil, and water it blooms right where it is. Maybe one day that flower will outgrow the pot so it has to be transitioned to the ground and that is great! It has gotten where it wanted to go! But it didn’t do that by sulking and holding back because it was in the pot. It progressed because it continued to bloom in the situation it was in.

I’m sorry that’s a drawn out way of explaining it, but I think that can be related to our lives. Say you’re in a job that you’re not crazy about. So while you’re at work, you’re constantly counting down the minutes, not giving tasks your all, keeping to yourself. These behaviors are probably going to make the situation even worse. But what if your attitude shifted? What if you made the decision to get to know your coworkers, to give 100% on tasks and seek out new projects, to be thankful you have the job in the first place? I bet you wouldn’t dread it quite so much, and dare I say, maybe you would even enjoy it.

I know it isn’t easy at the beginning, but be empowered because you have the ability to make that decision. As with anything else in life, you can choose. You can choose to prosper or you can choose to be stuck.

What is your decision?


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