Back on track

Welcome back to reality, friend.

How were your holidays? If you are anything like me, you enjoyed them – maybe a little too much… my Christmas involved lots of tacos {in Mexico, DUH!}, drinks, sweets with lack of water, nutrition, and exercise {wellll we did dance and walk around as tourist}

That being said reality hit me pretty hard this morning. Overslept my alarm,  crazy at work – just stressed to the max!  Just one of those days a couple glasses of wine and the couch sounded REAL nice. But the holidays are over and it’s about time I get back on track. Are you in the same boat??

I wanted to share with you some things I’m incorporating into my week to help me get my life back together again post holiday travel

  1. Nutrition: no matter what happened last week, how horribly you ate (or how awesome you stayed on track, way to go!), this is a new day. Don’t beat yourself up over too many cookies or going back for seconds. The more you obsess about it, the worse it gets. Plus if you’re obsessing and beating yourself up, you didn’t enjoy it and what’s the point in that!? Look back on the deliciousness with fond memories and focus on fueling your body with the good stuff – fruits, veggies, lean proteins. You will feel so much better!
  2.  Water: I have drank more water today since being back than I did the whole week we were on vacation. I am totally not proud of that, but it is what it is. Grab some lemons and your favorite water bottle and go to town!! I squeeze half a lemon into my water and then let that sucker stay in there all day to continue infusing my h2o. This will help you detox, get some energy back, and just get your systems going again. Your body NEEDS that water!
  3. Schedule your productive day: we have been on vacation. Your days probably weren’t planned and it was awesome! But when you have lots of things to get done, the worst thing to do is to just “play it by ear.” If I don’t have a schedule, or at least a guideline, for how I’m going to attack my day and get everything done, I usually hit my pillow not having accomplished much of anything. Bonus points if your productive day starts early with a workout and nutritious breakfast!
  4. Keep a to do list: my to do list is ever growing, but it seems especially crazy this time of year! Before I started keeping a list, something I wanted/needed to do would pop into my head and I would forget about it later, then get annoyed I forgot something important. Now I have an app on my phone {Any.DO} where I can keep my running to do list and easily move tasks around. In the morning, I set the intention of completing 3 tasks. Yes, I only said three, not 5 or 10 or 15! You will feel a lot more accomplished and focused throughout the day
  5. Make yourself happy: do something everyday that makes you feel wonderful! That may be getting your nails done, getting a full night’s sleep, spending time with your significant other, reading a good book, going for a long walk, etc. Whatever it is that makes you happy! We can get caught up in the craziness of life that we forget to be good to ourselves. YOU are important!

Let me know what you will be implementing to help you get back on track and ready for the new year!

Just for a bonus, here’s the fam 😉 We’re in this together!


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