Hello, beautiful.

I know I’ve been MIA. I apologize for that. I could say life has been crazy and that would be true. That probably isn’t going to change so time to suck it up and get back into it!

So, what’s been going on with you!? I’ve been away for a while and LOTS has happened so far this year. I cannot believe we’re halfway through May! Where is time going??

I’ll catch you up to speed quick and then my next post we will start diving into content again. At the time of me writing this post, we are 55 days out from the wedding. FIFTY FIVE!!!!

Wedding planning has taken over a good part of my brain and my life. I’m truly enjoying the process. I love checking things off our list, but I’m also trying to remember to soak it all up. This is an exciting time of anticipation and something we will never have again. We are focused on not only planning for our dream day, but also a “dream” marriage. We understand it will take work, but we don’t want to lose sight of what this day is really about: taking two separate lives and making them one, forever. I’ve been praying for God to pour into this engagement and our future marriage. I am so excited for what our future holds! The best is definitely yet to come.

The remainder of my brain space and energy has really gone to coaching and all that entails. I am trying to stay focused on my own health and fitness journey, although that is definitely challenging at times. Mostly this week, my nutrition has been crappp, but I am determined to get back on track this week. It is so special to me that I’m able to guide and be inspired by my friends’ journeys and walk through this experience with them. The accountability has made such a difference in my life and kept me from falling back into old patterns. We are so much stronger together.

That’s all from me – for now. Planning, preparing, praying. I will talk to you soon!

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