It’s not about the prize

When I began this journey I had to do a big mental shift. For so long everything was about the result. In the realm of fitness- if I wasn’t losing weight, if I wasn’t getting stronger, if my clothes weren’t fitting better it wasn’t worth it. That lead to burnout and quitting. And it’s no wonder why…

I was so obsessed with the outcome that I didn’t even think about the PROCESS. I didn’t focus on what was actually going to get me to that particular goal. I was just fixated on the goal. Things don’t last long when that happens. I would try, not see success, and then give up. It had become a pattern.

That pattern is not evident in my routine anymore, thank goodness. I have a daily reminder: progress not perfection. I won’t hit my goal everyday {and if I did I can imagine life would get pretty boring}. We need that challenge. We need that push. It’s what makes things interesting and reminds us how badly we want it!

I have learned to love the actual process. The exercise. The eating right. The sleep. The little things that add up in a big way! Everyday isn’t a home run. There are days where it isn’t even a base hit. But because my focus is shifted, I don’t fall apart from those days. I have the power to decide how I’m going to spend my day, what actions I’m going to complete.

There is going to be pain- that’s a part of the process. We find ourselves wanting that quick fix, but that isn’t lasting. And we become frustrated when that doesn’t work either. Take some pressure off. Don’t get wrapped up in the outcome. Focus on what’s within your control – your actions. Your process.

You may not always win, but you will keep moving forward. Take your eyes off the prize.

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