What’s growing in your garden??

The one task that’s been looming over my head – pulling weeds. It’s been a rainy mess here the last month and they had gotten out of CONTROL!!! I had plenty of time to think in between plucking up these suckers and I reflected on the weeds in my life.

What are weeds?? They’re the things that quickly take over. You didn’t plant them, you didn’t invite them in, but somehow they show up and own the yard. Dictionary.com defines weeds as “a valueless plant growing wild.” I think this is also the best explanation for the metaphorical weeds that creep into our lives…

Life weeds can come in the form of people, situations, or thoughts. They were not intentionally put there, but they have overgrown and started choking out the valuable. I want to share with you 5 thoughts about what could be overgrowing in your yard.

  1. Weeds look okay from a distance.
    They’re green and living – looks fine when you’re standing 20 feet away. Get up close, not so much. When I would look at it from the back door at our natural area, it seemed like everything was going okay, but this was actually the WORST. Sometimes it can even be hard to tell what’s really supposed to be there. Take inventory of your life – determine what you truly planted and what needs to be uprooted. Don’t be thrown off by the appearance.
  2. Most weeds have shallow roots.
    95% of the time weeds are super easy to pull up because their roots are shallow. They come right out of the ground and you’re done. The weeds in your life are likely the same way- easy to pull if you actually do the work. They aren’t able to grow deep roots because they’re not lasting. They’re not meant to be there, but they will surely stick around if you don’t take the effort to pull.
  3. Weeds choke out the desirable plants.
    Weeds overgrow and choke out the plants we actually want there. Life weeds do the same! They prevent the valuable from growing well or even at all. You only have so much time, energy, and resources – when we spend most of those dealing with the weeds in our lives, what does that leave for the rest?? When you say “yes” to one thing, you’re saying “no” to every other opportunity that could fill that space. Quit giving the weeds your “yes.”
  4. Weeds are not a “one and done” type of thing.
    You do not pull weeds once in April and then you’re good for the year. And it’s not likely something you only spend 10 minutes on pulling and you’re good to go. It takes time to pull the weeds. You have to keep an eye on them and act accordingly. The problem arises when you turn your eyes away from the potential weeds and assume everything is fine. Things can spiral out of control quickly. Keep a watchful eye and be ready to pull.
  5. Pulling weeds is not a fun process.
    I’m sure everyone can agree on this one, no doubt. It may hurt. It may be uncomfortable. You may get sunburnt. You may wish you never started. But it’s absolutely necessary. I can’t even tell you how many times I got pricked by these stupid weeds. They didn’t want to be pulled – they fought back. And with that feeling, I surely didn’t want to pull them. But I knew what would happen if I didn’t and I knew how good I would feel once I was done. So I focused on that and I powered through.

What goodness will come about because you’re making space and getting rid of something that wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place??

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