Buy yourself flowers

I used to think it was weird to buy yourself flowers. Like that was something that had to come from someone else… boy was I wrong.

I think that’s the way a lot of us feel about certain things. We wait for others to give us the things we want and need. We leave hints, we drop clues, we wait. But why do we have to leave that in the hands of other people – boyfriends, husbands, friends, parents??

It wasn’t until this year I truly started diving into the world of self love. Yes, it’s extremely nice and thoughtful when someone does something nice for us, but I decided I didn’t want to leave that all completely up to other people. I want to love myself first and best.

Does that sound selfish? Maybe, but I also see it as the most beneficial thing you can do. I’m going to the give the example you’ve probably heard a million times: when you’re on an airplane they always tell you to put on your mask before helping anyone else. Now in that case it makes perfect sense. You can’t help anyone else if you can’t breathe. Is that selfish?? NOT AT ALL.

I believe the same principle can be applied to our everyday. Think about yourself when you’re at your most stressed. You’ve way overcommitted, you’re trying to be everything to everybody, you’re running on E. How are you able to serve, love, and care for others? If you’re able to do it, you’re probably just barely getting by and you’re on the verge of burn out. Now, think about yourself at your most relaxed, cared for state. Don’t you just want to serve, love, and help others? You give from the overflow and that is the best place to provide from.

This overflow can only happen when we take the time to care for ourselves. That means different things to different people, so identify what that is for you. What fills your soul tank? For me, that may be a bubble bath, buying myself pretty flowers, taking a long walk, catching up with a friend over brunch, reading a good book. Those are the types of things I need to be sure I build into my life. I actually schedule “relax” time in my week. Why? Because if it’s not scheduled, I know it’ll be overlooked and I’ll be onto something else.

Right now, block out time in your day or your week to fill your soul tank. What will that look like for you? I’d love to hear – leave it in the comments ❤

Have a beautiful day, friend!

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