A Sunday well spent…


Who’s ready for Monday morning!? Not me… But it’s coming ready or not. This weekend has been jam packed, but all full of good things! It’s been a weekend spent with loved ones at fabulous places.

We got to spend yesterday afternoon with two of our best friends. It’s so important for us to soak in this time because they’re only in the States for a couple months, so we’re trying to make every opportunity count! My aunt is also in town from Wisconsin, so dinner last night was at the fabulous Angus Barn – even the bathroom was incredible!

Although extremely exhausted from Saturday’s activities and late night, we got up early this morning to make our way to Asheville to visit the Biltmore. What a breathtaking estate!!! Just the sheer size and all of the details makes my head spin.

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table sleepy, but with a full heart. It may have been nice to be home today to get things done, check items off my to do list. To have slept in and really gotten prepared for the week ahead. I have a load of laundry going and lunch has yet to be packed, but it’s okay.

If I’m not careful I get so wrapped up in my own lists and tasks. I may pass up on opportunities because I’m too busy, too tired, too whatever. There are circumstances where that is totally understandable and likely the best decision. But often times I’m just passing things by. Today was an awesome day and we made memories that we will cherish. That is so valuable. Much more important than staying on top of our chores or checking things off my to do list. It’s those memories and moments you could never get back.

I know in our world there are a million things we’re expected to do and places to be. Be careful not to pass up the important for the urgent. Priorities should always remain front and center ❤  You never know the value of a memory until it’s gone.

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