3 Weeks To Go!


Today marks TWENTY ONE days until the wedding!!! I honestly cannot believe how quickly time is flying. I’m getting emotional thinking about how soon we will be experiencing that special day with our loved ones and we will officially begin our lives as husband and wife.

I am so excited to receive the news of my close friends getting engaged as well! It’s such an exciting time and I think it’ll be even more fun to relive the experience through them. Looking back on our journey there are things I wish we had done differently, but each decision has led us to here – this moment and the special day coming up July 9th.

I do want to share some wisdom that I’ve gathered to hopefully help brides to be through the engagement process.

  1. USE A PLANNER!!!! I don’t mean hire a person necessarily unless that’s what you and your budget want to do. I download The Knot app – their checklist was my saving grace. It also has a budget planner and guest list organizer. It’s been the bomb and has totally kept me on track and checking items off the list so that here, 21 days out, I’m not scrambling to get things done.
  2. Take your time. This was something I didn’t exactly do so well. And I suppose it kinda contradicts that first point of checking things off, but really take your time so that you’re not feeling rushed into decisions. This is your big day and you do not want to rush into things and realize you made a mistake later. Stay on track with time, but also realize it doesn’t all get done in a week.
  3. Delegate where you can. I know there are a MILLION things to do, but you have the support of your bridesmaids and probably your family and your fiancé. Recruit their help! Finds the items that you don’t necessarily need to handle and ask if someone would help do it for you. Or at least with you. I can guarantee they will be happy to help and it’ll lighten your load, making the whole experience much brighter.
  4. Communicate with your fiancé and your families. Talk about expectations, must haves for the day, budget, guest list, everything! Being all on the same page will make things a lot easier. It may be uncomfortable conversations, but they are necessary. For example with the guest list, determine a set number of family and friends you each will invite. Communication is KEY in a relationship and it’s no different during wedding planning.
  5. Take lots of pictures. Document the milestones! The time goes by in a blink, but it will be so fun for you to look back on that day you went to cake taste, when you said yes to your dress, your bridal shower, etc. I think you get the idea. These are special moments that can get overlooked when we’re so focused on the big wedding day. These smaller memories are important and will make your wedding day that much sweeter!
  6. Always allow more time than you would think. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE TIME!!! This goes for anything. We all know that when we have a super tight deadline, things fall through. I ordered my programs 3 weeks out and for some reason the backs of them didn’t print. Since I allowed enough time, it was no biggie. This especially goes for anything you’re needing to have shipped because lets be honest – shipping never goes according to plan 😉 Same thing with hair and makeup.
  7. Spend quality time with your fiancé. Never discount a date night. Most of your conversations during your engagement will likely revolve around the wedding {or maybe that’s just us…}, but be sure to intentionally take the time to unplug from the wedding craziness and enjoy time together. That’s what this whole thing is about, right??
  8. Allow yourself space. If you’re anything like me, you will find yourself stressed out. That is normal. There is a lot more that goes into wedding planning and you are not super human. Allow yourself the room to breathe. To not be perfect. Plan time in your schedule to unwind – that may be just some quiet time with yourself or a girls night. There’s no need to be hard on yourself.
  9. Stay organized. One sure fire way to manage the stress is staying organized. I have a wedding binder that I got for FREE from the Southern Bridal Show – this houses all the wedding documents that we have received including contracts, proposals, vendor info, etc. I know where everything is and it’s super easy to grab if I have a meeting with a vendor or need to look back for a certain detail. I also have a spreadsheet for our budget which outlines who pays for what, the cost, and when payments are due. This has been super helpful in budgeting and being clear on where the dollas are coming from.
  10. ENJOY!!!!! This time is all about you and your fiancé. Soak it up.

You will be the most beautiful bride! ❤

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