A lot can happen in a week

Happy hump day!!! Half way to the weekend y’all 🙂 But for real, we’re ROCKING this week! I am feeling GREAT- joyful, healthy, blessed. I am so happy to say this week so far has been a complete turnaround from last week. Do you ever have those moments/days/weeks where it just feels like everything is crumbling?! Well, that’s where I was at a week ago. When it rains, it pours, right??

I have made it to the other side and I am actually grateful looking back on it. I got through it stronger and more confident. That’s the thing about struggles- they are there to allow you to grow and learn.

Today is DAY SEVEN of my Ultimate Reset. 1/3 of the way done! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, it’s a focused nutrition plan that really resets your body. It’s 21 days long and the 3 weeks are broken up into weekly phases: Reclaim, Release, and Restore. It’s kind of like putting your body back to the factory settings. A lot of water, fruits, veggies, and healthy supplements. I was terrified to begin this program, but I wanted to begin my marriage at the best version of me, so I jumped in.

It hasn’t been easy, but I have learned SO much this week! I’ve tried many new foods and cooked recipes I would have never thought of. And I’m actually enjoying the food! If I didn’t believe in meal prepping before, I definitely do now! The picture above gives you a little glimpse into what I’ve been eating – lets just say this is definitely not a starvation diet. I have never been one to cook because I just didn’t think I was good at it, but this is showing me I CAN do it and I can be confident. Working on those wife skills 😉

I have also noticed a big shift in my cravings and self control. We have delicious chocolate currently in our house. Before I started this, I would break off a piece or 2 probably every day. Our friends brought it back from Belgium and it’s seriously so good! My aunt also brought us some treats from Wisconsin. AND my cube mate brought back goodies from Switzerland. Oh help me- it’s like the universe is testing me! BUT I haven’t gotten into the treats and honestly, I don’t even want to. I’m more focused on doing this program the right way so I can be proud of the results I get and know I gave it my all.

When you are focused and have a bigger WHY than just “I want to lose weight” or “I want to eat healthier,” it becomes a lot easier to say no to the things that won’t benefit you. My why is tied to my future and what it will mean for me as a wife, mother, and friend. That is so much bigger than losing a couple pounds. And you know what?? The weight might not always come off like you want it to, so you better set your eyes on what truly matters most to you!

What motivates you? What would your life look like if you reached that goal? How would it make you feel if you accomplished that thing you set out to do?

Be real with yourself and go after it!

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