Weekend Warrior

Alright yall, it’s Saturday night!!! What are you up to? Your health and fitness goals may or may not be the first thing on your mind around 8pm, butttt they still matter! They don’t go away once that clock strikes 5:00pm on Friday. So what can you do to stay on track??

  1. Set your intentions before the weekend begins. Think about your goals prior to getting roped into the weekend. We are able to think through things a lot more clearly when we’re not in the midst of them.
  2. Identify your weak areas. Maybe it’s alcohol. Maybe it’s the food choices. Maybe it’s sleeping in until noon and skipping your workout. Whatever it is for you, identify it! Go one step further and set up a way to overcome it. The sleeping in example – maybe you’ll lay out your favorite workout clothes the night before and have a fun, upbeat playlist ready to go once your alarm goes off! This is totally personal, but knowing where we struggle and what will motivate us will help us crush it.
  3. Find an accountability partner. Accountability is key for reaching any goals in life. When we find a person that has similar goals, it is more likely we’ll stick to reaching them. They will hold us to it and they’re also someone we can vent to. They understand the struggle. They’re right there in the trenches with us! Be careful in choosing this person. Make sure they won’t let you off the hook 😉
  4. Communicate your goals to the people you spend the most time with. Maybe these people won’t have the same goals as you, but be sure they’re in the loop of what you’re after. This is a form of accountability as well! They can cheer you on when you’re kicking butt and help talk you down when you’re together and want to go astray. When we make our goals known it makes it a lot harder to back out.
  5. Make it fun! Health and fitness doesn’t have to be serious. You don’t have to hate every minute of exercise or meal prep. You may hate some moments, but won’t that happen with anything?? Make it fun for you! Do it with a friend. Mix up your workout routine with a hike and beautiful scenery or blast your favorite jams and meal prep it up! When you’re having fun it becomes much easier.
  6. Plan it out. Don’t leave your workouts to chance. Of course it’s the weekend, so your plans be a little more up in the air than during the week, but set a timeframe of when you’ll accomplish the necessaries. And stick to it! Be honest with yourself about how your day will go so you’re not overbooking yourself or running out of time. The goal here is to protect your “me time” so you can be a healthier, happier, calmer you!
  7. Hydrate!!! I don’t mean with wine either. Lots of water, yall! I’ll be honest, this is something I forget on the weekends at times. During the week I’m really good and have a water bottle staring at me from my desk all day. During the weekend, that is different. Be intentional about getting in your H2O. Not only will this help with any wine flu situations you have going on, but it’ll make you feel more energized, keep your skin glowing, and help you limit the overeating. Did you know a lot of the time we think we’re hungry, we’re really thirsty?? Be mindful and hydrate first!
  8. Give yourself grace. There will be days you slip up and fall into those struggle traps. Some days are better than others and that’s just how life is! Don’t let one day keep you from moving forward permanently. Each day is a fresh start – reflect and move on. Where did you struggle? What can you do next time to keep that from happening again? And then that’s as much as I want you to think about it. Don’t dwell. Don’t beat yourself up. If you do, then what was the point? Get back on that horse and keep it moving forward!

What are YOUR best tips for the weekend? How do you stick to your health and fitness goals Friday-Sunday? I’d love to hear your thoughts ❤


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