Done will always be better than perfect.

Bold, underlined, italic. I want you to really take that in. Done > Perfect.

How many of us spend way too much time thinking, strategizing, planning, talking about it {and repeat} instead of just doing IT!? I am in that camp a lot of the time, but I’m working on it. Here’s the thing, until we actually DO IT, nothing is going to happen. Life is about action.

Change does not come until we put in the action just like muscles don’t become stronger unless we’re exercising and lifting the weights. Often times all that planning and strategizing is just a result of our own self limiting beliefs, doubts, and excuses… just a little prettier.

What are you afraid of doing? What have you been putting off? What are you talking yourself out of doing because you don’t feel ready/prepared/capable/etc?

I almost talked myself out of my workout yesterday because I wasn’t feeling up to it. Seriously?? I’m going to be honest with you – most of the time I don’t feel “up to it.” But I become stronger by doing it. You don’t just wake up one day with the health and body you want. I mean, wouldn’t that be nice?? But it’s not how it works.

I’ve almost talked myself out of countless other things because they were outside my comfort zone. Getting a new job, becoming a coach, starting this blog. I know I’ve talked myself out of many other things because after thinking long and hard, strategizing, worrying, I had decided to just not even try instead of going for it. What would life look like right now if I had just acted instead of waiting until things were perfect?

Silly question because I don’t think we should play that “what if” game. It’ll drive you crazy. BUT we can use that sparkle of thought to encourage us to act when faced with future opportunities that come our way. They may be scary, but isn’t it even more scary to miss out and hold yourself back from possibly an amazing thing!?

Are you thinking about all those things you want? You can totally have them. But you need to take action. And take it NOW!


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