New level, new devil.

Have you ever been right on the brink of a break though when everything falls apart? You’ve been in a season of growth and all of a sudden you’ve hit a wall, or many walls. I think most of us have been there and I realized just a moment ago that’s where I’ve been.

As you’re growing and developing personally, professionally, spiritually, etc, you’re raising your level of consciousness. This is an awesome thing! But with that comes running into some inner demons, limiting beliefs, doubts, fears. Am I right??

We experience resistance. But it must be noted this resistance comes from growth. From change. You’re not met with resistance when you’re hanging out in your bubble, your comfort zone. That’s why it’s called a comfort zone… Resistance is uncomfortable, overwhelming, and even frustrating at times, but it means good things are on the way. If. If we’re willing to push past that resistance.

Resistance can be external. People telling you it’s stupid, can’t be done, not worth it. I feel like those can “easily” be shut out. It’s hard at first, but many of us develop that thick skin and after some time, you learn which people’s opinions you really care about. Not everyone needs to be heard by you. Not everyone deserves to be let into your circle.

What’s harder often times is the internal resistance. It’s those limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, hesitations. It’s really your soul giving you a message; usually wanting to experience something. What does it want?

This is not an easy process to recognize. I actually realized tonight that I’ve been dealing with this. Thank God I got on that training call. I was given some very helpful advice about what to do from here and I’m not going to keep it to myself…

You’re at that place. That wall. That ugly monster taunting you. Do you quit and give up on what you’ve been chasing? Or do you keep going? Simple question – you have 2 possible paths. It really comes down to “Do I believe enough in the message to push past?” That message is personal, so you’ll have to fill in that blank with whatever it is for you. Often times it’s a big, hairy, scary goal. Ultimately it boils down to: Do I believe in myself enough to push past?

This is going to take some reflection. Grab a journal, your favorite pen, and find a quiet place. Now I want you to ask yourself, “Why am I wanting to quit?” “What does my soul want?” Pray, ask and listen. Write down the answers. Journal it out and don’t turn away any thought. There is no right or wrong answer here. Let your soul express itself and be open to its ideas and desires.

The crazy thing is that when we ask, we get the answers. They may not always be what we want or expected, but by having the answers we can move forward. We can examine and take the action necessary to push past. It’s not going to be as scary as we make it out to be. And if it is, we are never alone.

I’m going to dare to say, this isn’t the end for you or your goals. And it’s not the end for me either. Resistance is just a sign of growth, not a sign to shut it down and give up. Pray, ask, listen, and keep pushing forward. I believe that our goals will be achieved. We got this ❤


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