Work in progress.

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Here we go! Another transformation begins.

I am forever a work in progress. The thing about health is that you never really arrive. Each day has new challenges and obstacles to overcome and if we’re not always moving a bit forward, we’re gonna fall back. Super encouraging, right!? Probably not very much. BUT the beautiful thing is each day is also a new chance to make the positive choices and move that one step closer.

Monday was DAY 1 of our new fitness program. The beginning of something new always gets me excited because of the anticipation and the possibilities! Everything is yet to come which I find hopeful. This program is an MMA style workout – something I’ve barely done before. It’s been intimidating, but so far I’m loving it!

To be completely honest, I had fallen off track and I’ve felt like a terrible coach for it. How can I motivate and encourage others when I could barely do it for myself? I was working out here and there, but my heart wasn’t in it. It would take everything in me to actually press play on my workout and even then I wasn’t giving it my all. Lets not even talk about where my nutrition was at… I was really just eating whatever I wanted. Doing my “best,” but that’s not really true. I realize now I had been doing a lot of comfort eating. It feels good to eat something bad, am I right? That cookie. That piece of cake. That ice cream. That pizza. It all feels so good in the moment, but that moment is fleeting. And then I was just left feeling bleh…

I wasn’t feeling good about myself. I had slowly been gaining weight back and didn’t feel like me. The weight was just a physical representation about how I was feeling on the inside: sluggish, apathetic, down. So to cover that up I was treating myself to junk and making excuses. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not opposed to enjoying yourself food wise every once in a while. I think that’s actually important. You don’t want to restrict yourself from everything. Life is meant to be enjoyed and a big enjoyment can be yummy, unhealthy food! But the problem lied in that I wasn’t taking care of myself. Workouts were becoming optional. Nutrition was slacking. I felt crappy and then the cycle only continued.

Have you been in that place? We find ourselves there and it can be so challenging to pull ourselves out. I’ve been nervous to start this new workout program. What if I couldn’t pull myself together? What if I continued to slack on my nutrition? What if I still didn’t want to workout? What if I couldn’t continue to help others because I couldn’t move forward?

Luckily, I haven’t experienced those what ifs… yet. It may come, but I’m so much stronger even after just a few days. I’m getting my groove back! I feel SO good!! Alive and healthy.

This week’s meal plan

Nutrition is absolutely vital! Luckily, this program comes with an amazing meal plan, but that’s not enough.A guide is worth nothing if you don’t act on it! You actually have to plan and prepare. It’s been so long since I’ve actually taken the time to do that. I’ve been feeling like I’m too busy and I’ll be fine not doing it. Wrong. On Sunday, we took the time to plan out our meals and workouts!! That felt like an accomplishment within itself. We also went grocery shopping and did some prepping for the week. What a difference it is making! I feel like I could do a whole post just about meal planning {let me know if you would like that!}

During our workout I was feeling skinnier and mentioned it to Eric, so of course I was curious to see if that was just in my head or legit… I’m down 3 pounds since Monday yall! This goes much deeper than just what the scale says. I’m not usually the one {anymore!} to weigh myself more than just at the beginning and end of a program, but it felt amazing to see the dedication paying off already. We have 27 days to go and I’m thrilled! I’ll be sharing more about my goals and progress, but really just want to leave you with this: Take good care of your body and it’ll take care of you.

You will never be too busy to be good to yourself. Fill up your cup first. It’s worth every second because you’ll be able to show up in the world as your healthiest, happiest self. You are amazing – shine that light, friend!


Rachel ❤

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