It’s your call

Raise your hand if you’re familiar with setting goals.

All of us in some form or fashion have probably set some type of goal at some point, yes? How does that work? You examine where you are right now and determine where you want to go and then you set a goal for that in between. Point A to point B.

Lets be real for a second. We’re assuming that this goal is decided and being set by you. It’s your choice. No one is forcing this goal upon you. It’s something you want. Then why do we act like it’s not our responsibility to put in the work to achieve it?? Nothing will be handed to us. It’s not up to anyone or anything else to give us what WE want.

I think we get scared of hard work. We don’t exactly like commitments. We definitely don’t like failing. But what big goal was ever achieved without these things: hard work, commitment, possible failure?

To get somewhere new you have to do something different. And that’s going to mean taking responsibility for the things you want. It’s your life. Your goal. Why would it be up to anyone else to make it happen!? You are 100% responsible for how your life is right in this moment. All too often I see people complaining or excusing their circumstances. They’re too old/young/poor/tired/busy/fill in the blank. But not once do these people accept that it’s up to them. Taking ownership is a beautiful thing because you realize you have the power to change anything.

You’re going to need to make a choice: do you want to improve more than you want to stay the same? That’s really what it comes down to. That’s the push. If we wanted to stay the same there would be no need for goals.

Each day you wake up with the opportunity. Do you take it and run with it or do you let it slide? I hope you’re running hard, fast, and far! Be willing to chase for it. Go after what you want. Set your intentions and GO!

Claim the responsibility over your life. You were destined for greatness. There’s a flourishing future waiting for you – grab it.


Rachel ❤

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