It’s all about progress.

Made in a Row.jpg

The past 30 days I’ve been a huge work in progress. I started and, most importantly, completed a workout program called Core de Force. Initially I was super intimidated and unsure because it’s an MMA style workout program – something I’ve really never done before!

Now let me give you the background of where my head and heart were when I started 30 days ago on November 14th. I was discouraged. I was frustrated {mostly with myself}. I was unmotivated. I was burnt out and having a hard time moving forward. I’m sure you’ve felt like that before! It’s not fun or easy, especially with a team of people that you’re supposed to show up for, encourage, and lead. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do those things or be that person – I was just having such a hard time getting my head and heart on the same page.

I saw this program as a completely fresh start. It’s something I had control over because it’s up to me to get my workouts in and fuel my body with the right nutrition. A lot of time when we’re talking about having control it can have a negative connotation, but I think for many of us it provides a layer of comfort. I like being responsible for the outcome. This can provide some tension at times with my personal life, but in my health and fitness I think it’s an absolute positive thing! I had the choice to do something beneficial for myself and my future or stay stuck in the mess.

I showed up every day. Some days were a lot easier than others. Some I had to take 2 scoops of Energize just to get started. Some I was naturally ready to go! That’s going to happen no matter where you’re at. Motivation comes and goes, so it really has to be a decision. I had decided on November 14th I was going to give these next 30 days my very best effort! I didn’t say perfect. I didn’t say 100%. Best effort I could give.

That took the pressure off. I didn’t have to be perfect. I’m not sure if somewhere along the way I told myself I had to be and that’s what burnt me out. I cannot be everything for everybody.

With each day, I could feel myself getting stronger – mentally and physically. I was becoming more sure of myself. More inspired by the new things I was able to do. More fired up for the next day – one day closer to the results. That’s the amazing thing that happens when you commit. You begin to fall in love with the journey. It becomes more about the process and getting a little better each day than about the weight loss or the comparison to others. It becomes you against you. And as long as you continue to show up and give your best effort – you both win.

When I started giving up my excuses I found the push I needed. I found the fire. Nothing good will ever come from your excuses; they want to keep you stuck. No thank you!

Something that was repeated over and over with each workout was “fight for it.” We had to earn the break. Go until the bell. Great encouragement for the workout, but also so true for life. Each moment I have a choice. I can accept what’s been handed to me and let the time slide. OR I can fight for the things I want. I can earn it! I can go until I’ve achieved what I set out to do. I’m becoming a fighter.

Fierce. Strong. Persistent. Focused.

You have everything it takes to become a fighter too. Don’t give in to what’s easy. Don’t settle for less. Set your sights and get after it!


Rachel ❤

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