Don’t be afraid to rest.


This has become a bit of a mantra for me lately. Isn’t the end of the year a special kind of challenging? We get to December excited for the holidays, but burnt out. 365 days ago we were setting goals and getting excited for 2016 – how did those pan out? Maybe you crushed it! Or maybe they crushed you… either way you’re probably feeling tired and ready for a fresh start. I’m right there with ya.

Sadly, it can be pretty easy to quit. For the most part, we have the luxury. Something isn’t working out?? Quit. Walk away. Throw in the towel. What does it matter? Well depending on what it is, it may not matter at all. But what worries me is the habit that develops. Once you quit one thing, it becomes so much easier to quit the next. You don’t want to be a jumper going from one thing to the next.

I get really excited about new things. As dorky as it sounds, something like a new journal fires me up! The possibilities are endless with all its empty pages and pretty cover. But then that excitement wears off and after a few weeks it isn’t so fun anymore. Do you know that feeling?

The same can be true of our goals. We get super fired up when we’re first thinking about them! We think them up, write them down, and go out to attack them with enthusiasm and motivation. But then what happens when a few weeks go by and you’ve only moved an inch? You’re tired. It’s taking a lot of hard work and you question why you even started going after it in the first place.

I’ve been there. Countless times- even just in this past year. If it’s going to happen, I’d rather quit when I’m ahead. I look down the road and see that I’m still so far away. Might as well just stop here before I put in anymore effort since it’s not going to happen anyways. I’ve gone that route. I’m not proud of it, but it’s happened. I’ve quit.

But luckily I’ve been pulled back by my vision and people in my life that held me accountable. I’m learning to rest.

I’m learning to pull back a little instead of completely stopping. Learning to unplug and lean into what’s going on in my own head instead of floating through everything happening online. Learning to be proud of progress instead of only going for perfection.

Progress adds up little by little and each step in the right direction matters. Even if it’s a tiny one. Quitting is so much harder in the long run. Don’t give up on yourself! You are capable of amazing things!!! I know it can get scary and overwhelming, but don’t be afraid to rest. Even resting lets the momentum carry. Quitting stops everything.

You are more than ready to get after what you want!!! Rest and then lets fight for it!


Rachel ❤

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