Want to be free? Let it go.

Letting go is truly one of the most freeing things. But I totally hear you – it’s not easy! I’m a self proclaimed control freak. I don’t like to let things go. I like to hold tightly and orchestrate everything in my world.

But this leaves me drained, exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. I wasn’t created to do it all. I can’t even do it all. So why do I try??

I’m the oldest, so I think naturally I have more controlling tendencies. Maybe, or maybe that’s just a justification. Either way, it’s my natural go-to, but I’m working on it…

I have a ways to go though. This was really brought to light earlier this week.

I had made a mistake and I reminded myself of the mistake right as we were trying to fall asleep. I proceeded to tell my husband about it. I explained what the issue was and why I was upset. Like the supportive husband he is, he asked questions and it made me more upset. Not at him, but at myself for making the mistake and bringing it up. Great timing, right??

I had the worst time falling asleep and woke up the next day still worked up over the mistake – at this point I was both frustrated and exhausted. Rough combo and not how you want to face your day.

I should have just taken my husband’s advice. “Don’t worry about it.” “You’ll fix it.” “Get some sleep.” In the moment I couldn’t. Looking back on it, I’m not really sure why I got so upset. But sometimes our emotions do that – they spiral and before you know it, they’ve taken over. All sense and rationality are gone and you’re left in a puddle of emotion.

If only I had just let it go. Easier said than done, right? But imagine the extra sleep I would have gotten. How much clearer I would have been able to think the next day. I would have greatly benefited from letting go in that moment of frustration.

So how do we just let something go? I think it really comes down to trust.

Trust in God’s plan.
Trust in your judgement.
Trust in your ability to overcome whatever obstacle.
Trust in the fact that everything will work out {see the first again}.
Trust in your friends and family that have your back.

When we trust and believe, fear and frustration have little room. Their place is tucked tightly away in the corner.

Today I was able to rectify the original problem and I’m feeling so much better. I have to remind myself though, I still would have gotten to this place sans minor freak out. Maybe I even would have gotten here faster had I been able to let go.

But let me let go of what I should have done. Could have done. Would have done.

I will know better for next time.

Here’s to letting go and trusting.

Share: Is there a moment lately you should have let go? What will you do differently next time? You are smart, brave, and powerful!


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