Goals & Week 1 Recap

Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

Happy Monday, friend! I can’t believe we’re already back to Monday – how time flies! This means I’m officially done with 7 days of my MMA inspired program: round 2.

I’ve been focused on setting personal and business goals and it’s interesting to me how much these are intertwined. There isn’t an area of my life that is completely independent everything I do, positive and negative, has an effect on everything else. This sounds like a lot of pressure and it kind of is, but it always reminds me what an impact my choices and actions have. It ripples out to all areas!

I ask my challengers to share with me their 5Fs. 5Fs = Fitness, Food, Family, Finances, Faith.

This is a simple way that I break down 5 important areas of life and encourage them {and myself!} to reflect and set goals. There is absolutely no right or wrong answer here and these areas can be interpreted however best fits.

The awesome thing is, these 5Fs directly relate to my top 10 goals for 2017.

Fitness: Complete all 30 days following fitness calendar. Build strength in my arms- be able to do pushups without modifier.  Progress in my abs- see definition and tone.

Food: Follow meal plan for 30 days. Meal plan and prep weekly. Limit splurge meal to only once weekly at most.

Family: Weekly date night with Eric. Intentionally reach out at least once weekly to my immediate family.

Finances: Maintain savings account. Set up joint account and budget with Eric. Pay triple amount towards student loans.

Faith: Daily quiet time with Bible and Write the Word journal. Prayer throughout the day. Connect with life giving friends inside and outside of our small group.


So how did week 1 go??

Fitness: Big accomplishment was completing every workout for the 7 days and I followed the calendar! Working out isn’t necessarily the hard part for me, but what I’ve done in the past is switch things around. Maybe I didn’t like that workout or I decided I needed to switch my rest day. Doing that is definitely better than doing nothing, but I’m proud for following the program the way it’s designed. I’m getting stronger everyday!

Food: This area was not as stellar. I could have made better choices, especially on the weekend. We had my birthday party at the house Saturday night, so nutrition Saturday and Sunday were not on point. I did meal plan and prep on Monday, so that’s a win!

Family: Date night was fun- we actually did a double date with a couple that lives nearby!

Finances: I did well with spending. I have a budget tracker in my Passion Planner that I use to track my spending. Most of it was on bills- necessary evil 😉 Victory: went into Target and only bought what I needed aka didn’t get distracted by the hundreds of other things I would have liked to buy.

Faith: Quiet time and prayer were done throughout my days. We had an awesome time at our small group. It’s so important to have people you can do life with and seek counsel from.

Overall, I’d say week 1 was a success. By doing this, I know exactly the areas I flourished in and ones that need extra attention. This program is unexpectedly my soulmate workout and I feel blessed everyday to be able to move, sweat, and just feel badass!

Share: do you set and write down your goals? What’s your number one goal for this week?


2 thoughts on “Goals & Week 1 Recap

  1. I really like like the idea of doing weekly goals! I do not write down my goals but I think this would lead me to be more accountable! I’m going to start doing those this week! Also love the five F’s definitely using that 🙂

    Number one goal this week for fitness is to get back on track with week two of CDF and back on nutrition! I got a little off track for the last week and a half because of my vertigo so I was unable to work out and my nutrition suffered a little more than normal because all I wanted to do was lay around! I’m finally feeling pretty normal…so it’s on like dokey kong now!

    1. Thanks for sharing girl!!! 5Fs is something I’m definitely implementing more in our challenge groups. You totally got this! I’m glad you’re back to feeling better!!! ❤️

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