Goals & Week TWO Recap

Hey hey yall! Back to Monday again. The weekends always fly by way too fast, but we’re back to the beginning on another awesome week! I’m ready!! As I shared last week, I set my 5F goals for these 4 weeks – I’m reflecting back on those to see what went well and what needs adjustment. You can’t improve if you don’t know where needs improving!

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 7.35.16 AM.png

Fitness: Complete all 30 days following fitness calendar. Build strength in my arms- be able to do pushups without modifier.  Progress in my abs- see definition and tone. I completed each workout last week as scheduled! I’m able to do more pushups and even go without the modifier at times. Getting there!

Food: Follow meal plan for 30 days. Meal plan and prep weekly. Limit splurge meal to only once weekly at most. I did not exactly meal plan for week 2 and it felt like it. We figured out meals, but I didn’t take the time to map it all out. We didn’t prep Sunday, which made for a crazier week! I don’t like that feeling. I had a few splurge meals and ice cream (whoops!), but I held it together pretty well all things considered. 

Family: Weekly date night with Eric. Intentionally reach out at least once weekly to my immediate family. We didn’t have a one on one date night, but we did go out to the Hurricanes hockey game on Friday which was so much fun! One on one time is needed. I had lunch with my momma on Saturday – so nice to catch up. 

Finances: Maintain savings account. Set up joint account and budget with Eric. Pay triple amount towards student loans. Savings account is going strong. Together, we looked at our finances and expenses – big step! It was overwhelming, but good to see where we’re at. We have plans to set up the joint account at the end of the month. I set up the huge triple auto payment for my student loans.

Faith: Daily quiet time with Bible and Write the Word journal. Prayer throughout the day. Connect with life giving friends inside and outside of our small group. I enjoyed my quiet time this week and made prayer throughout the day more of a focus- moments when I was struggling, praises, quiet time in the car. We did an outing with our small group- so fun to be able to connect!

Week 2 went pretty well, but I know there are some adjustments to be made! Especially around my nutrition – why is that always the hardest part for me!? Because I know this is an area of weakness for me, setting myself up for success is crucial. Hello planning!

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 7.26.12 AM.png

Planning makes such a difference in our week! It helps us to be on the same page food wise for the week and creates a shopping list that is focused. We get just what we need (although a few extras got thrown into the cart this week…) It saves us precious time and money. Light my favorite candle, pull up my spreadsheet, and get to planning!

Meal plan for the week – Week 3 here we come!

Things don’t always go according to plan, so I allow myself to be flexible. Weekends are a tricky time planning wise because they’re always a bit different and I know that we will probably want to have at least one meal out. Instead of fighting it, I just build it in.

I like using my time during the weekend to plan and prepare for the week ahead. Ideally, that means planning out my week in my Passion Planner, meal planning, grocery shopping, and prepping meals. Yes, it takes some time and organization, but the reward of already having those things done once I begin and move through my week is so sweet!

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 7.35.03 AM.png

Meal plan: check!
Meal prep: check! (thanks to hubby for this help!)
Workouts scheduled: check!
Ideal week planned: check!

It’s going to be a great week yall! Who’s ready to crush it with me!?


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