Goals & Week 3 Recap

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This was the toughest week so far, but I made it through. Barely. But hey, that’s going to happen. I’m not on it 110% every week. We go through highs and lows. Totally normal. But that’s no reason to quit.

So even though I didn’t do as well as I had anticipated, I’m proud of myself: I didn’t quit.

5Fs goals and reflections:

Fitness: Complete all 30 days following fitness calendar. Build strength in my arms- be able to do pushups without modifier.  Progress in my abs- see definition and tone. I can’t say I completed the entire week of workouts because I missed Friday’s. I woke up superrrr late and then had to babysit right after work. I flopped, but whatever. 6/7 aint bad! When I get down on myself for missing the mark I’ve set, I think about how far I’ve come. Old Rachel would have been doing pretty damn good with even 1 workout during the week. So I’m doing fine! Again, my arms are definitely getting stronger because the pushups aren’t quite as miserable. Abs- we’re working on em 😉

Food: Follow meal plan for 30 days. Meal plan and prep weekly. Limit splurge meal to only once weekly at most. We did meal prep and I did pretty good during the week. The weekend is where things got cray cray. Remember how I said Friday I overslept?? Well that just put me on a downward spiral for the whole day. I couldn’t shake it. I hate to say it, but I didn’t even eat lunch that day. Got too wrapped up at work and then decided it was too late to eat. I still had my snacks, but not ideal. I think that’s what lead to me going hard on whatever I wanted this weekend. I also had more treats than normal. My discipline needs to get back in check. 

Family: Weekly date night with Eric. Intentionally reach out at least once weekly to my immediate family. We had date night! Tried to go to Outback, but the wait was 50 mins long {we were already hungry and that isn’t a good combo}, so we tried a Japanese place nearby we’ve never had before. Awesome to try something new and be together, wasn’t so impressed with the food though… we tried. The week ran away from me, so most of it I spent just trying to hold myself together. Wasn’t very intentional, but something I’m definitely focusing on this week. 

Finances: Maintain savings account. Set up joint account and budget with Eric. Pay triple amount towards student loans. Savings account still going strong! I did have to move some money around to pay for an unexpected {read: accidentally forgotten} expense, but all good. The meal planning and prepping definitely helps make these financial goals happen. If I’m going to spend money on anything, it’s more than likely going to be on food!

Faith: Daily quiet time with Bible and Write the Word journal. Prayer throughout the day. Connect with life giving friends inside and outside of our small group. I really rocked it at this goal. Although things were crazy, I took advantage of that to ask God for his guidance and strength. I finished Volume II of my Write the Word journal, so I’m mixing it up with a 30 day devotional. I’m excited to dig into the Word differently for a month. I’ve been pouring into new and old life giving relationships and I’m really loving how that’s impacting my life!

It wasn’t a bust, but not quite where I want to be. But again, that’s okay. I’m giving myself grace instead of guilt. This is a relatively new concept for me, so it’s going to take some time to really master it. Learning from the areas I slipped up in and encouraging myself through the victories.

No matter how hard I push and work, I will always be a work in progress. I mean that in the most wonderful way possible. I will never “arrive.” It’s a daily choice. Daily action. Daily decision to improve myself, mind, body and soul.

Health and fitness is rented and the rent is due every day.

So with that, I’m going to learn from my fails and victories. I’m going to approach this week with the best attitude I can. I’m going to show up everyday for myself! And I’m going to take the time to celebrate and unwind.


One of my favorite things I did all week was check out the most adorable wine bar downtown {Vita Vite for you Raleigh folks}. Glasses of bubbly, plate of cheese, comfy chair, fireplace, good company and conversation. This is the recipe of an amazing time. Champagne right to the soul.

Do something for you this week. Fill up your cup and then pour out from the overflow. You are capable of amazing things!

Share: How will you fill up your cup today? This week?? Decide what that’ll be for you and then put it on your calendar. This is a top priority to do list item.


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