Goals & Week 4(ish) Recap


Just for the record yall, that’s a superfood shake in my glass, not wine ūüėČ although it was filled with wine last night – balance.

4(ish) weeks flew by! I say 4ish because the program I just completed was actually 30 days, but close enough. I realized earlier today that I completely forgot to take “after” pics and measurements. Whoops! I’ll try to get em tomorrow morning, but I’m not too concerned about it.

When I first began this fitness journey and even in all the times before, I was so hung up on what that number on the scale said. I would judge my success based on if it was higher or lower than before. I think many of us fall into that trap. Yes, it’s one way to measure progress. But that’s just it – it’s a measurement tool.

It doesn’t measure¬†your strength, confidence, self love, joy, happiness. It’ll just tell you a numerical value of your gravitational pull.

I use my goals, my clothes, and how I’m feeling to provide most of that feedback. I weigh myself to see where I’m at, but I don’t find my value or success there.

30 days stronger – mentally & physically

With that being said, lets do a final recap – how did I do in my last week??

Fitness: Complete all 30 days following fitness calendar. Build strength in my arms- be able to do pushups without modifier. ¬†Progress in my abs- see definition and tone.¬†I missed a workout, but just counted that as my rest day. So not exactly following the calendar, but I’ll take it! I am able to do more of the pushups than I did at week 1! Really excited about my progress there and want to keep improving my arm strength. My abs aren’t yet where I want them to be, but it is progress from where I was 30 days ago.¬†

Food: Follow meal plan for 30 days. Meal plan and prep weekly. Limit splurge meal to only once weekly at most.¬†This was a big hiccup. We didn’t plan and I definitely felt it. We’re at a point where we can mentally plan and shop based on that, but it doesn’t replace actually scheduling out a meal plan for the week. I gave in to more splurges and treats than I had intended. Girl Scout cookies and ice cream got me… I don’t feel guilty about it because each day is a fresh start, but I can tell I slacked towards the end.¬†

Family: Weekly date night with Eric. Intentionally reach out at least once weekly to my immediate family.¬†Family was at the forefront of my mind during this last week. I found out last Monday that my Poppa (my dad’s dad) had passed away. This meant a lot of family time and definitely made me realize even more how important family is. Eric and I had a nice dinner at the Rocky Mount Outback Steakhouse on the way home from Poppa’s funeral. This was our date night. For many summers, we would all meet my dad’s side of the family at that Outback to connect and celebrate birthdays.¬†I think Poppa would have enjoyed it.¬†

Finances: Maintain savings account.¬†Set up joint account and budget with Eric. Pay triple amount towards student loans.¬†We finally got our joint account set up! It’s been a bit overwhelming to me to make the transition and budget together, but I think it’ll work really well once we adjust. Since we’re married, we are one, even in our finances. Savings account is looking good although I did have to move a bit of money away from it. I’m set up to make the triple payment towards my student loans for Feb – so ready to knock that whole thing out!!!

Faith: Daily quiet time with Bible and Write the Word journal. Prayer throughout the day. Connect with life giving friends inside and outside of our small group.¬†I’m ending strong with this goal. I’ve gotten into a good morning routine which includes my quiet time in the Word. I’m excited about my progress in this area because it affects all areas of my life. A better connection here means I’m better equipped for what each day brings.

Another round done, but it’s not the end. Not even close!!! For the remainder of this week I will be doing yoga and walks with Stella as my exercise to allow my body time to rest and restore. I’m excited to hit the ground running again on Monday!

New program, new goals. Are you ready!?

Share: What is the #1 thing you’d like to make progress on over the next 30 days?


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