My truth about natural deodorant | Why & Review


If you didn’t even know natural deodorant existed, no worries. It wasn’t long ago that I stumbled upon it thanks to friends and my own research. I wanted to share with you why I chose to try it out and what my favorites are.

About 2 years ago I began my weight loss/health journey. I started focusing on exercising and improving my eating habits. It took some time, but healthy was becoming a lifestyle. Health goes deeper than just movement and nutrition. It’s impacted by every area of your life.

Foods you consume are the obvious impactors, but I started to think about the products I was using. It was about the same time I started noticing rashes under my arms that I even began looking into alternatives.

Although I was using something I thought was good for me, I discovered there were better options to look into. Aluminum is the leading concern in your “normal” deodorants, so I tried to search for aluminum free ones in the store. Studies about health risks related to long term aluminum exposure are not definitive, but why introduce chemical ingredients to your body??

Safe, effective alternatives are becoming more popular and easier to get a hold of, so why not try some out!?

We usually shop at our local grocery store and their selection was scarce. I wanted something effective that smells good – duh! Not too much to ask for in a deodorant…

I started with the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick. This was readily available in the self care aisle, but I hated it. Basically rubbing a rock on your body. Plus it was odorless. So a definite no go. The others in the aisle might have worked, but I took my search to Google and Amazon.

I came across 2 other brands that I liked much better! Finding what works best for you will require some research, but I hope this will give you a good place to begin.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant: Aluminum free, 100% natural and safe. Found on Amazon-I first tried Fresh Lemon Vanilla and right now I’m using the Sport Luxe. I’ve noticed it doesn’t deodorize for very long. It has to be reapplied a few times a day depending on how active you are, but it does smell great! If you work out regularly, this may not be your best fit. 

PiperWai: You may recognize this product from Shark Tank. It’s hands down my favorite natural deodorant (so far)! I was a bit intimidated by the application and color, but it seriously works. It uses activated charcoal which absorbs wetness and it neutralizes odor naturally. Unlike the Lavanila, I would apply once in the morning and even after a workout or an active day, I wouldn’t have that “earthy” BO smell at the end. It does come as a paste you need to rub on, but recently they’ve released the stick version. The paste lasted me a while, but I can’t wait to try the stick!

These are pricier than your normal store bought deodorants, but since it tends to last me longer and treat my body better, it’s worth it to me. I’m not affiliated with any of the mentioned products – just trying to help make your healthy journey easier!

Share: do you use a natural deodorant? What’s your favorite!?


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