Benefits of Newness | New Hobby

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2017 has brought new goals – one of them being get involved in a new hobby! My new hobby of choice: hand lettering. I will admit, I’ve never much enjoyed cursive, nor have I been very good at it. But beginning by being good wasn’t really the point.

It took a whole month into the new year to even dig into my practice, but I’m thrilled about the progress I’m making and wanted to share some lessons I’m learning along the way.

This new creative endeavor has (so far!) provided 5 benefits/lessons. Why would I recommend you add a similar goal of trying something new to your 2017 list?

  1. It broadens your horizon: Sounds so cliche right?? Whatevaa – who wants a narrow horizon!? By getting involved and trying something new, I’m expanding my knowledge. I’m opening my mind to new methods, new information, and new way of doing things. If you’re feeling mentally stuck, get a new hobby! By doing so, you’ll likely be surrounding yourself with new people who have a similar interest. Take full advantage of this as the gift that it is: Embrace the new!
  2. It’s relaxing & fun: I’m talking about hand lettering specifically for this one, but I hope your new hobby of choice is relaxing and fun for you as well! A hobby should be fun, right? If not, why are you doing it? Well of course every moment of it probably won’t be a blast, but the overall experience should be positive. Again, if it’s not, maybe it would be beneficial to explore something different.
  3. I’m creating something that brings me joy: Looking at the page once I’m finished brings me joy – a sense of pride. What I just put on the paper wasn’t there before. It isn’t much, but it’s something I created and put out into the world. It feels like I’m putting my own beautiful stamp on my slice of the world. That just feels good ❤
  4. I’m able to make progress: It’s pretty cool to be able to witness in real time the progress being made. There are many things in life that don’t offer this ability, but experiencing a new hobby generally gives that real time feedback. I can compare my practice day to day to see how I’m improving and developing my own style. How cool is that!? As humans, progress makes us happy. Don’t believe me? Think about something that you just couldn’t improve on – how does that make you feel? Now in comparison, think about something you’re improving at – how does it make you feel when you experienced a new breakthrough? Progress doesn’t have to be large, we just have to feel it.
  5. It’s teaching me to be imperfect: This may seem like a strange benefit, but stick with me. Perfection has held me back in the past. I never began because I didn’t have a perfect plan. Or I got started and couldn’t live up to the perfect image in my mind. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Seriously. I will never be able to live up to a picture perfect life. I know that’s okay, but sometimes I still treat areas of my life like I should be. By learning something new, I know I won’t be perfect and it’s pushing me even deeper into that zone of imperfection. This imperfection feels a lot comfier. It fits better.

I waited to get started because I was worried about not being good. Don’t make my mistake. What have you been interested in trying? I encourage you to decide what that is (if you haven’t already) and give it a go! Remember, practice makes progress. I’m cheering you on!

Share: What is your Newness? I’d love to hear about the new hobby you’re exploring – you can share in the comments below!



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