Feb Progress & March Goals


I feel like I’m probably going to say this every month, but holy moly where did February go!? I guess it doesn’t help that it’s a short month… but it flew by extra fast. It was kinda tough. It’s not fresh and exciting as things are in January and it’s not quite spring or beautiful out yet (although it was for many days in NC).

February is just an interesting month. Despite the challenges and quickness, I’m proud of the progress I made on my goals! Lets take a look

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 7.57.08 PM.png

February Monthly

  • Love Eric well. This one is always a work in progress, but I think just being intentional and putting a focus on it helped a lot. I still have many ways to improve as a wife, but I learn everyday. 
  • Create margin. Ironic considering how packed my goals were for February. BUT again, putting a focus here helped so much! I welcomed empty space in my days instead of filling up every spare minute and sought out ways to create space. Again, work in progress, but I’m happy with the progress made here.
  • Tax return filed. Felt so good to get this one done! The federal refund wasn’t half bad either 😉
  • Declutter room at parents. Carved out some time to do this one. Walks down memory lanes and lots of moments of “why did I even keep this!?” There’s still clutter there, but most of it isn’t even mine (my room became a storage), so it’s a win!
  • Sell/donate clothes. Selling part: check! Donate: not yet. We’re going to participate in our neighborhood garage sale, so I’ll hold onto things until then and donate whatever is left. 
  • Beach trip. Sad we weren’t able to fit this into February – it got crazier than I anticipated. Definitely moving it to another month. March is packed with trips, so many April!?
  • Budget/finance focus. We crushed this one! We set up an awesome budget that we are looking at and updating daily. I feel so much better in this area and we’re working as a team – the way it should be!
  • Flourishing biz. Although a short month, a successful month in my coaching biz! We had a new coach join our team and it’s been so much fun to be able to mentor her and watch her grow as a coach. Big things are ahead for our team, I can feel it!
  • Reduce snoozing. Ah the dreaded snooze button (or the loved snooze button depending on how you look at it. A terrible habit I’m trying to break. It’s getting there.
  • Update bank accounts. Check! We opened a joint checking and savings account so I had to go through all my accounts and update for the new banking info. Not fun, but it’s done. 

February Monthly

  • Date night. Yes! I look forward to them every week.
  • Unplug. Yes. So so good for the soul. I find myself wanting to check my apps on my unplug day (Saturday), but since they’re deleted I can’t. It’s been eye opening and also soothing. 
  • Plan – days and meals. Yes! Planning out my days in my Passion Planner. Got more lax about actually planning my meals, but we’ve been mostly doing em. Just more informal.
  • Small group. Yes! Another thing I look forward to every week. It’s been amazing to see how we’re all growing closer – to each other and to God. 
  • Spanish – learn and study. Si! I’ve been using DuoLingo to get the basics down.
  • Self love and care. Yes!! So many of the habits I’m trying to cultivate lead to this. 

I didn’t fill in “week 5” since it overlaps with the first week of March, but awesome progress in all these areas! As you can see, relationships  were a major focus! I believe it’s so important to cultivate and nurture deep relationships. Self care and improvement were also a theme. February was all about love and I believe I did a good job of showing myself more of that ❤

February Daily

  • Sleep 7+ hours. Yes, mostly! Need to go to bed earlier though for sure. 
  • Quiet time. Yes! I’ve been using the Bible app on my phone for their devotional plans. 
  • Exercise. Yes. Part of my self care. Only missed 3 days in Feb – not too shabby!
  • No phone 1st hours. Yes! A major habit I’m trying to cultivate. I don’t want to get sucked into the notifications and reminders first thing.
  • Read 20 minutes. Yes. I’m not crazy about the book I’m reading right now, but I’m determined to finish it! It should be finished tomorrow 🙂
  • Creativity (blog and hand lettering). This is the area I have the most progress to make. When I run short on time, this is usually the first thing to go, so I will try to designate more time to it. 
  • Gratitude. Yes!! So grateful for the many blessings in February.

Now on to March!


March Monthly

  • Love Eric well.
  • Create margin.
  • Budget focus.
  • Pack (3 trips!)
  • Travel.
  • Team call.

Some of these look familiar and that was on purpose. The first 3 are big picture goals I want to continue cultivating. I’m already creating more margin by narrowing my focus!

March Weekly

  • Unplug.
  • Self love and care.
  • Date night.
  • Biz growth.
  • Meal plan and prep.
  • Blog 2x.

I did some shuffling around in my weekly goals. They’re all familiar goals – either ones I had here in Feb or from a different area. I’ve found it’s best for me when I make each goal it’s own (like make blogging it’s own item instead of group with hand lettering). Trying a little something different!

March Daily

  • Sleep 7+ hours.
  • No snooze.
  • Quiet time.
  • Pray.
  • Espanol.
  • 10k steps.
  • Handletter.

Trying hard to cultivate good sleep habits, so here we go! Again, mixing things up and getting more specific.

I know it won’t be perfect progress made, but that’s totally okay with me. I’m excited to see what March has in store. What goals do you have for March? Share them in the comments below and lets hold each other accountable! Here’s to a flourishing March!


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