What happens in Vegas…

Goes on my blog 😉

We got back from Las Vegas early early this morning (thanks to the 1.5 hour delay). Grateful for the ability to work from home cause this girl surely needed some extra snoozes!

I can’t believe the trip we’ve been talking about and planning for so long has come and gone. So many “firsts” and fun experiences!

  • First trip to Las Vegas
  • First (and second) In-N-Out meal
  • First time gambling
  • First wax museum
  • First time getting kicked out of a pizza place
  • Incredible bottle service for Steve Aoki
  • Amazing nights out at the Vegas clubs
  • Many many steps (shoutout to my Fitbit!)
  • Keeping up with 12 people (especially in Vegas – that was a victory all its own!)

I’m sure I’m leaving out so much, but it was seriously a trip for the books. If you haven’t been to Vegas yet, book your trip now! It was a lot of take in, especially as an introvert like myself, but those few days were some of the most fun and exciting I’ve ever had!

I took a bunch of pics and I thought instead of sharing them in an album on Facebook like I’d normally do, I’d share and reminisce here. So here we go – our adventures in Vegas!


The view from our room was killer and even better with that gorgeous west coast sunset! This is what the 35th floor of the MGM Signature looks like

I have no clue how we were even functioning human beings once we arrived. Most of us had to work and then we didn’t get to Vegas until about 10:30pm pacific time (aka 1:30 to us easterners). But of course we managed to get dressed up and head out for night 1! Jewel Nightclub was a great way to kick off the weekend!


Although the night ended much differently than we expected (this is where the pizza place issue and longggg walk back to the hotel happened) it was still so much fun!

What better way to refuel and nurse any leftover hangover than with In-N-Out!? Eric had been talking about it foreverrrr, so I was excited to finally see what the fuss was all about. So good, that we ended up having it twice. No regrets. We went to both locations, but the one on the strip was much better: walking distance from the hotel and more space to eat inside. Ideal with the cooler temps and wind whipping!

Next up: Fremont Street! It seems like every square inch of Vegas has something to do, but this was my favorite spot. So much to do on this stretch – gambling, drinks, entertainment! I “learned” to play Craps and watched tons of roulette games, Eric’s go to. It was surprisingly chilly, so the slushies were a mistake, but then again you can’t go wrong with alcoholic treats 😉

Nothing was won by me on Fremont, I think I left with what I started with, but that’s better than losing! I totally understand now how people can get addicted to gambling. It’s definitely a thrill and can be hard to walk away from, but I didn’t catch the gamble bug.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.51.11 PM

I think we’re all in agreement about what the best part of Vegas was: bottle service + Steve Aoki + Omnia. This place was incredible!!! The chandelier itself was mind blowing. When we were talking about it beforehand, the chandelier I pictured in my head was more like the one below, but what was actually there was 1000x more than that! You’d have to experience it for yourself. Seriously, do it!

At the end of the night we grabbed tacos before heading back. 4am tacos are heavenly, but especially these! Tacos El Gordo – you will not be disappointed. Since we didn’t have great memory of it, we had to have it again, so Sunday lunch it was! The line was nuts, so we had to wait outside in hurricane level winds. Not even kidding. I’ve never been in wind like that. But the tacos were absolutely worth it!!! I wish I had a pic, but it wouldn’t even do it justice.

Finally got to check out a wax museum. For $10 off too – yall, always check for a coupon while you’re waiting in line! This place was cool, but super trippy. They looked so real, most of the time it was hard to tell if the people in the room were fake or not. I was waiting for one to come to life haha but didn’t get so lucky.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.06.25 PM

By the time dinner rolled around, we were all pretty exhausted and just needing a good meal. A few of us decided to not leave the hotel and check out the MGM buffet. While it wasn’t the most amazing food I’ve ever had, they still had dessert AND we didn’t have to go outside to get there. With a super chilly/windy night that was perfect for me!

I actually woke up Monday feeling rested since we weren’t getting back at 5am, so that was a win! We got up early and explored a bit more before having the head back to the east coast. It was so cool to see the different “places” – NYNY and Paris! Got to check out Italy too while we were in the Venetian.

So much to do, so little time!! On our next trip I’d love to actually see the Fountain show and ride the High Roller. Until next time Vegas…

So many celebrations with such fun friends. I miss it already, but can’t wait for our next adventure! Where is your next desired destination!?


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