Yall, I’m feeling it this week.

Pressure to keep it all together.
Pressure to be everything for everyone.
Pressure to check every single item off my to do list.
Pressure to show up.
Pressure to keep moving forward.

It can be a lot. Pressure can feel like the weight of the world. And sometimes I crack.

I’ll be honest: pressure stresses me out. Ask my husband, I don’t exactly handle stress well. There’s usually shortness, screams, tears. But then I face it. I face the stress and realize maybe the pressure isn’t so high.

Or maybe it’s high, but I realize I can handle it.

I trust that I wouldn’t be handed anything I can’t handle. I have an amazing community of support. I am capable of more than I think. I’m stronger than what these days throw at me.

Even if I doubt myself. I have an Almighty God who knows me. He knows my heart. He knows my strength. And even when those waiver, I know He has my back. He’s holding me in His hand and I have to rely on His strength.

I don’t have all the answers. I can’t be everything for everyone. As much as I love helping people and saying “yes,” I can’t do it all. I like to be the person that has a hand in everything. I like to be involved and responsible for making things happen.

But sometimes the only thing I should be making happen is myself.

I should be making my joy happen.
My peace happen.
My heart happen.
My rest happen.

This may mean letting things go. Having to say no. Or it means pushing through that pressure. Accepting the challenge and trusting that I can.

Nothing worth having comes easy. As cliche as that is, I have to believe it’s true. Amazing things don’t just fall into my lap. They come to fruition because of hard work. Because of uncomfortable situations. Because of pressure.

I have to learn when to use my “yes” and when to use my “no.” When I need to make myself happen and when to let the pressure happen.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.32.08 PM.png

If I’m feeling the pressure, there must be something amazing on the other side.

I can do it.

I can push through.

I can make it happen.

I’ll trust and believe in my own strength. My power. My ability. My path.

There will always be pressure. Always be stress. But if I’m moving down the path created for me, it’ll be worth it. Sometimes I try to grab hold of things that aren’t meant for me. Pressure that isn’t a part of my path can be let go.


So today I encourage you: press into the pressure. You’re becoming a diamond.



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