5 lessons I’m learning from plants

I’ve never been the one to have a green thumb. I’d be able to keep flowers alive in a vase for maybe a couple days — definitely would never dream of actually growing anything.

But over the last month, something new has been stirring in my heart. I’ve had a desire for growth. To cultivate life, to nurture it, and enjoy the process.

SO I convinced my husband to let us purchase some plants. I claimed a Peace Lily that was donated for my Poppa’s funeral. And soon I will be growing cilantro at home. From scratch. That’s kinda scary, but it’s exciting to me!

I love all the new life in and around our home. 

It’s teaching me lessons that I want to pass along to you.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 1.25.13 PM.png

Lesson 1: Growth happens from little by little progress

We live in a world of immediate gratification and we forget we weren’t made for that. We have instant access to pretty much anything we want, but nature doesn’t work that way. There’s little by little progress. And that’s how growth happens. You don’t plant a seed Saturday and expect a full blown tree Sunday. So why do we do that in our lives?

Lesson 2: There’s more going on beneath the surface

So much about planting and nurturing hangs on patience. There’s also a great deal of trust involved. I can’t see what’s going on beneath the surface, but I trust. I trust that roots are taking hold, I trust that growth is happening. All of this change is out of our sight — there’s usually more going on beneath the surface than I can see or understand. Trust.

Lesson 3: Sun + water 

This plant is the most responsive I’ve ever seen! Its home is in our living room and there are 3 windows that give it access to sunlight. Last week we had a ton of rain which means there wasn’t any sunlight to come in. By Saturday, our Lily was sad and droopy. Luckily the sun was shining, so her temporary home was moved to outside in direct sunlight. After some water and time in the sun, she perked right up.

I couldn’t help but think how true this is for me too. Life gets dark at times. I may go days or weeks without some sunshine in my life, but how much better do I feel when I step out? I get into nature. I breathe deeply fresh air. And hydrate! Or if I’m lucky, escape to the beach. The sun and water are such amazing cures.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 1.25.24 PM.png

Lesson 4: Be patient and keep doing the right things

Again, patience. Trust. I can’t emphasize this enough. If I continue to do the right things, I can trust there will be a fruitful outcome. Just like what I’ve been experiencing with these lovely plants: if I consistently give them the water and sunlight they need, I can expect growth. And it’ll be beautiful.

Lesson 5: Focus on the flower, but don’t ignore the weeds

Focus on the blessings. Focus on the growth. Focus on the beauty. But while focusing, don’t ignore the weeds. Weeds like to creep up and take over. Sometimes they even pretend to be a beautiful plant too. They pretend they’re meant to be there, but they’re not. They take a hold in the garden and suck up resources from the things that are actually meant to be there.

Pull those weeds. Don’t ignore them. Don’t let them convince you they can stay. There is too much good growing and not enough room.

Lets cultivate life. Thank you for joining me in this season of growth — I’m so excited for what’s to come! ❤


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