Punta Cana — Honeymoon Part 2

Punta Cana holds a special place in our hearts. It was the location Eric chose to pop the big question 2 years ago — all the feels ❤️ At the end of April we headed back to the beautiful blue waters and fantastic all inclusiveness for another vacation. Much needed!!

Our first Global Entry/TSA Precheck experience went flawlessly and we found ourselves on our honeymoon… part 2. We were treated like royalty and enjoyed the luxury from the moment we got there.

This “welcome drink” became our daily go to — The Majestic

The timing of our trip was a bit funky, a few months early for our anniversary. We were supposed to be on an earned trip with a company I used to work with — long story short the week of the trip we parted ways with that company and the original trip was canceled. Nothing like a scramble to make new plans the week of your international trip!


Eric found a reasonably priced all inclusive resort (definitely the way to go!) that had good reviews, so we went for it! I always get a bit nervous for things like this. Will the place actually look like the pics? Are the reviews legit? Our “backup” plan did not disappoint: Majestic Elegance was our new home for 4 days!

Everything was incredible. Our butler, Victor, was the absolute best. He made sure we were always taken care of — well really we were more than taken care of. All the time in the world to do whatever we wanted… what do we even do with ourselves!?

Watermelon mimosa + nutella crepe with plantains on top. Heaven!

It was overcast most of the trip, but the first full day we woke up to rain. That may have been frustrating to some (and don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want that the whole trip), but it was a welcome invitation to sleep in and take it slow. We definitely needed it!

Needless to say, the all inclusive resort meant lots of food and lots of drinks. My only stress that vacation was trying to figure out which drink to order next. Some worries, right!? Nothing like reality, so we soaked it up… every last drop! 😉


Vacation is good for the soul and good for marriage. It’s not always possible or realistic to take a big trip like this, so we fully embraced it. At home there’s so many distractions: chores, bills, dog (kids maybe for you?), work, responsibilities, etc. How much can get in between you and your most important relationships!? But on vacation, all that is set aside and many many miles away.

We’re not a couple that’s full out on the romantic gestures, but can’t ever go wrong with room service breakfast, rose petals, champagne, and chocolate. We were so pampered and I felt like a princess. The big event I was excited about was the romantic dinner on the beach. Food + beach is a very good idea!

My happy place is the beach. My first beach love was Atlantic Beach where my family has a condo and I’ve spent countless moments, but this beach was pretty nice too. When we weren’t on the beach, somehow we were getting encouraged into games hosted by the resort staff. Eric even won a shirt (he was super proud). Not pictured (although there are videos) is me having to be a bartender and shake shake shake it! ¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro!


I couldn’t get over the gorgeous colors and scenery. Nature’s beauty will never stop impressing me. Thank you, God, for being such a beautiful artist and allowing us to enjoy sights like this!

Definitely a trip we will always remember! It didn’t happen as we had originally planned, but I believe it turned out so much better!


Until our next adventure (which I’m eager to begin planning!)… Cheers to us! An amazing trip with my favorite travel partner.

I’d love to know what’s your favorite destination!? I’m always down for a tropical getaway, but I’m willing to consider other locations. Let me know in the comments below! Thanks so much in advance!


3 thoughts on “Punta Cana — Honeymoon Part 2

  1. I’d really love to do a cruise or a hot spring in the winter at a snowboard / ski resort! Glad y’all like the resort, that’s where I stayed 2 years ago as well and loved it.

  2. You guys should definitely check out St. Lucia! All inclusive is for sure the way to go–we loved it so much. You’re making me want to book honeymoon part 2 for us!!!! Everything you said is so very true❤️❤️

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