Charlottesville — Fine as Wine

While so many are away on vacation for Memorial Day Weekend, I’m soaking up some relaxing time at home and looking back on last weekend’s adventure in beautiful Virginia. I love traveling and it’s so fun to be able to share my trips with you!


2017 has been the year of travels and I was able to check another new place off the list: Charlottesville, VA. Not your usual Bachelorette weekend destination, but the gorgeous wineries were calling our names.


7 ladies. 
4 wineries.
1 day.
Mission accepted and accomplished. 


If you ever find yourself in Charlottesville, definitely be sure to check out the wineries! We chose 4 that were relatively close to one another so it was possible to visit all in one day {a pretty big accomplishment!} Our vino adventure began around 10am leaving the hotel.

King Family Vineyards: This was a great first stop! They opened at 10am, so it wasn’t too busy by the time they arrived, ideal since they don’t make reservations. The tasting was wonderful and they have a lovely seating area out back to enjoy a glass of your favorite. Polo matches are held every Sunday beginning Memorial Day weekend.

10 min to Pollak 

Pollak Vineyards: We were able to make reservations here. The tasting was actually in a side room that overlooked the side of the property with some water, trees, and benches. We chose 2 of our favorite bottles to enjoy out at the picnic tables and took advantage of some more photo ops, of course! 

9 min to Veritas

Veritas Vineyards & Winery: Again, no reservations, but no worries! I actually booked/prepaid for a tasting and tour prior to our trip and gave an estimated time. It was interesting to see and learn more about the wine making process. 

25 min to Pippin Hill 

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards: We had the least amount of time here due to an event, but wish we were able to be there longer. The vineyard sits on top of a hill, so the views were stunning! Next time this is probably where I’ll like to pick back up. 


It was an honor to be able to be a part of this weekend. The blushing bride, Serena, was a bridesmaid in my wedding and a year ago we were doing all these activities for my big day. It’s so fun to return the favor and get to experience the joy, excitement, and love again as her and her future hubby’s day is approaching!


Don’t you just need a girl’s weekend from time to time!? This was the perfect excuse! We had a blast getting to know each other and I can’t wait for the group to reunite on June 17th! Until next time… ❤


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