Life’s changes lately

3 weeks ago I gave my two week’s notice.
1 week ago I worked my last day at CS.
Last weekend I started Real Estate school.

It’s been a time of transition. Eric and I made the decision a few months ago that I’d leave my current job and completely change paths. My current job that provided security, insurance, benefits… To go into something that I was completely unsure about.

When we made the decision we had no idea how things would go. We just knew that a change was needed and it was time to make it!

I spent over 2 years at my job. The company was great. My pay had increased over the years. I liked the people I worked with and I felt supported by management. On paper someone might wonder why I would leave that??

It wasn’t a fit for me. I had learned a lot and gained valuable knowledge and skills, but I wasn’t in my best fit. I found myself drained and frustrated. I know that’ll happen from time to time with a job (it is work anyway!) but that’s not a good daily place to be.

So the decision. The unknown. The worries.

But we trusted and went for it.

I’ve never really done anything like that before. Made such a jump without knowing the next move. It was scary, but it felt good to trust. It’s amazing how God works and how He moves things to work for our good.

The day I nervously gave my two week’s notice, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually gotten the new job yet. I gave my notice and my heart leapt — with excitement and fear in the same beat. But later that night I got the phone call I had been waiting for. I laughed and cried once the call ended because that’s such a God thing. He just wants me to trust His plans and He takes care of the rest. That trusting may look like stepping out in faith and allowing Him the space to catch you.

A lot of people have been asking what brought me to real estate.

It’s mostly due to the encouragement of my husband. For some time I knew I wanted to venture down a different career path, but I had no idea what. I didn’t have any set job in mind, but I’d look through the jobs posted on LinkedIn and other sites. I came across one for a real estate agent that sounded ahhhmazing! Only problem, I didn’t have my license. I sent the posting to Eric anyway and dreamt about being a real estate agent in the meantime.

I didn’t expect his response, but he immediately told me to go for it! And that set the wheels in motion. I used to work as a leasing agent in college and enjoyed working with people and helping them find a place to call home. I didn’t love the college apartment leasing, but homes?? That’s something I could definitely see myself doing.

Use my psychology degree, interact with people, show beautiful homes. That’s my style.

But one big career change isn’t enough, right??

A few weeks before I was planning on giving my notice, Eric told me he was seriously considering leaving his job. He had mentioned it out of frustration before, but this time was different. Without hesitating (too much), I assured him he should do it if he was sure… he’s not really the impulsive type (that’s me) so I was pretty confident he was already sure.

He’s had big dreams for a while and I knew leaving his job would happen eventually, just wasn’t planning on it being in the same timeframe. Talk about trust!

Team Torres was potentially unemployed. But we were also creating the space to move into something much bigger and better! And that’s exactly what’s been happening.

I am beyond grateful for the decisions that we made and the opportunities that have come our way because of them. We are a happier, stronger couple for it and we’re working together to make things happen.


More to come soon about our new adventures and how they’re panning out, but for now I just wanted to fill you in and encourage you. You have the power to change whatever you need to in your life. Is it a job? A relationship? A habit? A choice?

Whatever it may be, it’s worth the jump! If there’s something you’re complaining / stressing / worrying about day after day, maybe it’s time. You’re not a tree… you don’t have to stay stuck. Move! I know it’s scary, but if you’re making the leap with good intentions and a pure heart the world has your back.

So do that thing! Stop wishing and start making it happen.

We are so appreciative of all the love and well wishes we’ve received and any that are to come! Change isn’t easy, but it’s a lot easier with your support. Thank you

Can’t wait to fill you in on what’s ahead! The best is yet to come!


2 thoughts on “Life’s changes lately

  1. Love you, sweet thing!! SO happy about this new chapter God has for you and for all the new experiences of faith you’ll experience and continue to experience! ❤ I love keeping up with you and even though we don't talk every day I still pray for you and think of you often!! ❤ xoxo Leah

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