July Progress & August Goals

Welp July felt like it lasted 4 seconds.

There was a lot that happened in 31 days. My tending list was lighter than usual which had me feeling a little uneasy to start the month. But doesn’t it mean I’m not making as much progress if I only have a handful of things on my list?! Maybe. It also meant that I was focusing on what was most important and being intentional about not burning myself out.


With a more focused mindset, I was able to accomplish some big things and dedicate the time and energy I had towards what was most important.

July Progress


Monthly Goals

  • Anniversary Celebration — Eric and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on July 9th! I cannot believe how quickly that first year flew by!! It’s been quite the journey so far. Unfortunately the celebration came smack dab in the middle of school and studying, but we still were able to go out for a date night. We had dinner (and champagne of course!) at a yummy spot in Apex and enjoyed the time together. When we got married we decided that we would take an anniversary trip each year… that didn’t happen this year, so hopefully for year 2 we can do that!
  • Pass Real Estate school — check! Did it!! I’m so grateful I was able to pass both the class and the state exam on the first try. It was no easy feat, but it’s now behind me and the hard work definitely paid off!
  • Budget & Tithe — Our finances have been a big focus as we’ve gotten married and are learning how to do life well together. It’s important to us that we’re setting ourselves up for a flourishing financial future. Budgeting isn’t much fun or exciting, but it’s worth it.

Weekly Goals

  • Unplug — I’m still making it a point to unplug, even if just for a couple hours. This was very beneficial when I was studying and in class because I wasn’t distracted by the dings and notifications happening on my phone. It’s so good to step away from that regularly and be present.
  • Meditate — I didn’t do this as often as I would like, but I was still able to do it a bit. Quieting my mind and bringing peace into my world was challenging in July with everything I had going on. I could feel the difference when I was able to meditate and I look forward to doing more of it in August.
  • Encourage a friend — I was definitely needing encouragement in July and it was given abundantly. I believe we should give more of what we’re needing (love, encouragement, time, etc).
  • Learn at work — There is still so much to learn, but with another month under my belt I’m feeling a lot more comfortable and confident at work. I understand it’s going to take time, so I’m doing what I can to learn and absorb.

Daily Goals

  • Study!
  • Pray with Eric
  • Journal
  • Spanish

Paring down my daily goals to just 4 helped me make progress. I did great with studying and praying with Eric. Once I passed my exams, that opened up a lot more time and brain space! I still have more progress to make with journaling and practicing Spanish, but I can see that those habits are becoming more established.

I’m so excited for what’s going to be cultivated in August!

August Goals


Monthly Goals

  • SJ’s 21st Birthday Celebration
  • Learn at work
  • Budget
  • Tithe
  • Gratitude
  • Intentional time with Eric

Weekly Goals

  • Meal plan and prep
  • Meditate
  • Friend date
  • Unplug
  • H2O only

Daily Goals

  • Exercise
  • No extra spending
  • Devotional
  • Pray with Eric
  • Journal
  • Spanish
  • No phone AM

Sometimes we need to bring it back to basics and bare bones like I did in July. If you’re struggling setting goals and accomplishing them could it be possible that you’re trying to do too much? Are you spreading yourself too thin and then becoming frustrated when it doesn’t happen? Narrow your list down to the most critical items. What will make the biggest impact in your month?

So often I’m trying to think so big picture that I miss what is right in front of me — this day, this month. Our days and months add up and bring us to those future goals. Focus on taking the smaller, meaningful steps that’ll guide you towards what you want 1 year, 3 years, 5 years down the road.

There’s more on my list for August, but I made sure that each item was going to move me closer to my major goals for the year. I’m trying something new by color coding the goals to coordinate with my 2017 goal list — little by little progress adds up! ❤


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