August Progress & September Goals

Hello, friend!! A few apologies for ya — 1) sorry it’s been a month since the last blog post (which was actually last month’s PowerSheets update!)  and 2) sorry this one is later than usual. But better late than never, right!? PowerSheets time!

Is it just me or do the months seem to go faster and faster?? Regardless, I’m so grateful I’m being intentional and focusing on the things that matter. I don’t always get it right and some days are just plain difficult, but little by little progress adds up yall! Good goals were set and good progress was made through a crazy August.

August Progress


Monthly Goals

  • SJ’s 21st Birthday Celebration — My baby sister is 21!! We were able to have a celebratory dinner with our parents and I surprised her with a birthday gift waiting for her before she left for her trip to New York! And I’m sure the celebrations will continue 🙂
  • Learn at work — This will be a constant goal because there’s so much to learn! But each day is getting a little better. Slow and steady progress here.
  • Budget — We are doing well with this! Spending got a little out of hand and I’d like to have more face to face “financial meetings” with Eric (most of it occurs via text because of our schedules), but we’re doing a good job overall.
  • Tithe — We’ve figured out a system that works for tithing! I was having a hard time since Eric gets his tips paid daily so we overcame that by tracking his earnings on our budget spreadsheet and then I’ll give each week based on 10% of what he earned.
  • Gratitude — I’ve gotten into the habit of giving thanks to God for our many blessings, big and small. I also worked on seeing the silver lining in challenging situations.
  • Intentional time with Eric — As I mentioned, our schedules are pretty funky, so time spent together has to be intentional. It’s not like what it used to be, but that’s okay! We’re making the most of it in this season and taking advantage of those “pockets of time” we have together. It takes time to get into a rhythm and we’re getting there ❤

Weekly Goals

  • Meal plan and prep — I’ve gotten back into the swing of this and I’m so glad!! I’m using Pinterest and healthy Youtubers for inspiration. I enjoy simple recipes and ingredients that I can easily mix up depending on what I’m feeling and what we have on hand.
  • Meditate — I started using a different app that I randomly came across called Simple Habit. It’s still guided mediation which I love, but they’re mostly just 5 minutes which I can totally fit into my day!
  • Friend date — I felt kinda silly putting this one on my tending list, but I’m so glad I did. It can be really easy to go weeks or months without seeing friends because of schedule coordination, demands at work and home, etc. But it’s super important to carve out time for those relationships! Dinners, coffee dates, group hangouts: good for the soul.
  • Unplug — I’m not really feeling the need for this one anymore since life has shifted. I’m unplugging and unwinding a bit each day, so I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to be as intentional about this and I think that’s a good thing!
  • H2O only — I’m not a huge soda/coffee/whatever drinker, but my water consumption has definitely been slacking. I bought a new glass water bottle that I love and since I’ve started tracking my water with the Fitbit app, I’m drinking a lot more and feeling good!

Daily Goals

  • Exercise
  • No extra spending
  • Devotional 
  • Pray with Eric
  • Journal
  • Spanish
  • No phone AM

Overall I’m feeling really proud! There was a lot more going on this month tending list wise as compared to last and I feel like I’m getting into the swing of things again. I made progress in every single area, some “perfect” or almost perfect. No phone in the morning (at least not until after my morning routine) and no extra spending were harder than I thought.

No extra spending felt extreme, but it was helpful to see where I had those impulses to spend and what types of things we were spending extra on (I’m talking about outside of the necessities here). I ended up creating a list of “wishes” — items I’d love to purchase, but not now. I reevaluated the list throughout the month and will continue to do so until either I purchase it because it’s serving a purpose at that time or it gets deleted from the list.

September Goals


Monthly Goals

  • Tithe/Budget
  • Intentional time with Eric
  • Cultivate community
  • Rest
  • Contentment
  • Learn something new each day at work
  • Pay off student loans!

Weekly Goals

  • Memorize Scripture verse
  • Friend date
  • Meditate
  • H2O only
  • Meal plan and prep

Daily Goals

  • Quiet time
  • Spanish
  • Exercise
  • No phone AM

This feels like such a wonderful blend of meaningful, exciting, important goals and I’m so eager to make progress. September is going to be amazing and it’s already off to a strong start! I’m giving myself grace for not always being “productive.” A time for rest and peace is so important. I already have everything I need, the rest is extra. I want what I’ve been graciously given to flourish, but that can only happen when I give it the care and space to grow. 

Do you have goals for September? What is one you’re most excited about!? Share it with us in the comments below ❤


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