September Progress & October Goals

Raise your hand if you’re in the fall spirit! Mine is up in the air! October 1st came and it’s like the weather realized what season it is — cooler temps and cozier vibes. I’m so excited for this new month and shift in season! Sweaters, hot tea, blankets, oh my!

The fall candle came out just in time to work on my PowerSheets. It only took about 20 minutes to recap what happened in September and set my intentions for October — it was time well spent!

Setting aside that time makes all the difference. There is power in being intentional and it’s what makes me feel prepared and empowered to go after what matters most! It can be easy to just float along, but I’m sure most of us want a say in where we’re headed.

September Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Tithe/Budget — We are in a good flow with this and it’s definitely easing financial stresses. I think it may be a good idea to start tracking where our money is going which will be more work, but will help us spend more wisely. Any suggestions on formats or apps to make this easier?
  • Intentional time with Eric — Our job schedules make this absolutely necessary. We’re not perfect at this, but we’ve tried to be intentional to plan time/days together when we can. Doing the best with what we have!
  • Cultivate community — I didn’t make as much progress here as I had hoped, but definitely took steps in the right direction. As you’ll see below in the October goals, I’m excited to share that we’re working on beginning a small group for married couples!
  • Rest — Sleep continues to be of high importance, but also resting throughout my day. I took time to relax whether that be with a bubble bath or a good book. Often times it’s a Netflix session. Giving my mind the space to rest.
  • Contentment — While “no spend” days can be overwhelming and seem impossible, contentment is much more doable! I’m finding contentment in the things I already own, the status of our finances, and the goals we’re setting. This will remain a focus and mission since it’s ever evolving.
  • Learn something new each day at work — There is so much to learn in my role, so this has definitely been achieved for September. I’m pushing myself to seek out new information and ask more questions! Whether it’s a new question or new situation to deal with, I’m learning along the way.
  • Pay off student loans — All the confetti and praise hands for reaching this goal!!! I won’t go into too much detail because you can read all about it here!

Weekly Goals

  • Memorize Scripture verse — This was challenging, but so sweet to carry truth with me. To keep it at the front of my mind and help me memorize the verses, I would choose the verse and then find a nice image to set as my phone background. Encouraging and useful!
  • Friend date — We are not meant to do life alone and I’m loving connecting with girlfriends, new and old. Friendships are being both planted and restored and I’m so grateful!
  • Meditate I’m enjoying this and proud of myself for doing it almost everyday! Sometimes I forget or the day gets away from me, but it’s been so beneficial to be more mindful.
  • H2O only — Hanging on strong to this one! I feel such a difference in my mind and body when I’m hydrated. I’ve been aiming for at least 100oz of water a day which I will continue. I’ll get a soda occasionally if we’re eating out, but we don’t normally buy it. Can’t drink it if it’s not in my house!
  • Meal plan and prep — I’ve gotten into a rhythm with this and it’s so much easier. We buy mostly fruit and veggies at the store with some meat. I love easy meals like Crockpot chili or roasted veggies with sausage, so cooking is much smoother. I prep meals the night before during the week which makes my mornings less hectic.

Daily Goals

  • Quiet time
  • Spanish
  • Exercise
  • No phone AM

Good growth happened in my daily goals in September! I struggled with not checking my phone in the morning. I’m still struggling with it, but I’m going to focus on my morning routine as a whole and see if that makes a difference. My phone can be a huge time suck, so I don’t want to waste precious time in the morning scrolling through apps (although it can be fun). Quiet time and Spanish are very much a part of my routine now. It feels good to see positive habits are being cultivated in my life ❤

We’re 2 days into October and I believe so much goodness is ahead!

October Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Contentment
  • Wise finances
  • Let go! Surrender
  • Blog growth opportunity
  • Cultivate community – friendships
  • Prepare for small group

Weekly Goals

  • Connect with Eric
  • Drink only water – at least 100oz/day
  • Morning routine
  • Enthusiasm & growth at work

Daily Goals

  • Worship & Praise
  • Active body
  • Meditate 
  • Nurture plants

90 days left in 2017 — lets make them the best yet! You are a bright light shining and I know you’re going to use these next 3 months in big, meaningful ways! What goal are you striving to accomplish by December 31st or even before!? Big or small, I’d love to cheer you on!


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