Book Review | Love That Lasts

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m so excited to share this with you because this book is seriously good! I came across the Bethke’s (the husband/wife author duo of Love That Lasts) initially through Jeff’s spoken word videos that were blowing up on YouTube. Many spoken word videos, books, and other videos later, I’m still following and learning from the Bethke’s.

Love That Lasts is full of heart, light, honesty, and truth. It’s about “how we discovered God’s better way for love, dating, marriage, and sex” and it certainly delivers. Every single one of us has been through a situation (or many) and/or picked up different beliefs along the way that aren’t aligned with truth. We’ve been broken and hurt by the world and that can lead to disfunctional ways of going about relationships. This book highlights the struggles we face as imperfect men and women, but it doesn’t stop there — it gives hope.


This isn’t a marriage book or a dating book or even a singles book — it’s a relationship book. To have healthy relationships (with ourself and with our partner), we have to identify and reconstruct the damaging beliefs and patterns. No matter where you are in terms of dating or marriage, you will get valuable insight from this book. It speaks to every life stage — take what you need and store away the extra for what’s to come.

I’m planning on rereading this book since I got through it so quickly the first time! It’s filled with personal stories, encouragement, and God’s truth — I had a hard time putting it down. I appreciate how vulnerable Jeff and Alyssa were with their stories and I love how they tooks turns writing each chapter. I was able to relate to both authors throughout the book and it was interesting to hear both sides of the relationship story.

Love That Lasts challenged me and pointed out old wounds and past hurts that maybe I had been avoiding. I was able to work through this book and apply their wisdom to help make my marriage more fruitful and bring peace to my past.

There was one part in particular that jumped out at me. Growing up with Disney and fairytale, we develop this belief that each girl has her Prince Charming. The idea of soulmates and “the one” become a heavy burden. What if I can’t find my “one”?? Jeff hit the nail on the head with this topic. He lifted that burden and helped me see the real picture of being and finding “the one” in marriage.


I’d love to see a movie where at the altar the two people say, “I could marry someone else, I don’t believe in the concept of ‘the one,’ but I do believe in choosing one person to love and serve for the rest of my life, and I choose you.”

– Jeff Bethke, Love That Lasts

It may not be romantic, but doesn’t that seem a lot more life giving!? When we take the weight off of finding the one, we can focus on finding a great person that we will love and serve well who will strive to do the same in exchange. That’s a better expectation of marriage. I look forward to reading through this book again and uncovering other truth bombs. The right things will hit you when you need them, so lets see how much growth


Do you have a relationship you’d like to improve? Do you have old beliefs about relationships or marriage that you’d like to work through? Do you want raw and honest instead of sugar coated when it comes to love, dating, marriage, and sex?

Pick up this book and learn through it. If somehow I’ve led you wrong, Jeff said he’ll personally refund your money. What do you have to lose?


** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher.
All opinions are my own. **

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