Monthly Favorites | October

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One of my favorite ways to discover new things that make my life easier and more enjoyable is through personal referrals. We cut cable over a year ago, so I’m exposed to a lot less commercials. It’s wonderful, but I also feel out of the loop when it comes to what’s “new.” So I thought this would be a fun series to do each month as I’m finding and using things I love. This is not sponsored (although wouldn’t that be nice??), just sharing my opinion in hopes that it helps you! 

With that being said, each month I’ll share a handful of my favorite things — these may be podcasts, apps, beauty products, books, music, food, restaurants — the opportunities are endless. In the spirit of supporting one another, I’d love to read your favorites in the comments below. Enjoy this month’s favorites!

App: Simple Habit

I’ve been trying to get into a routine of meditation for a while now and was having a hard time finding something I can stick with. I enjoy guided meditations since I’m still very new to mindfulness and need the guidance. I wanted something that wasn’t going to be too long, but also feel effective in the time spent.

Simple Habit fits the search. Most of the meditations are about 5 minutes — the perfect amount of time because I always can find an extra 5 minutes in my day. There are different focuses such as meditation to boost energy, sleep better, ease anxiety and even ones to learn how to meditate. Learning the basics has been especially helpful for me so I can feel more confident during my practice.

When developing a new habit, the most important thing is consistency. The app tracks your current day strek, total sessions, and total minutes of meditation. Being able to see my progress and get “awards” for hitting certain day streaks motivates me to keep going. The app is free, but you can purchase a membership to unlock unlimited access to all the meditations. I’ve been happy with the free one so far, but have been thinking about investing in the unlimited.

App: MinimaList

I am a huge list person. I love making to do lists mostly because if I don’t, I’ll forget everything. There is way too much going on inside my head for me to remember most of the time. Instead of worrying about it and constantly trying to recall things I need to remember, I make a list. I don’t usually have paper and pen on me, but I always have my phone!

I discovered this app a while ago and I’m especially loving it in this busy season of life. There’s not extra frills and fluff that would get in your way, just a quick and easy place to jot down anything you need to. Plus it gives you the satisfaction of crossing items out when they’re complete! I have it set as a widget on my iPhone’s side screen, so it’s super accessible.

Items big or small I’m able to get out of my head and down to somewhere that I’ll actually remember. I reference this list a lot to make sure I don’t miss anything. It’s helped me stay more organized and on top of things — if I have free time I look at my list to see what I can accomplish and nothing gets forgotten. Win win!

App: Ibotta

I’m really into apps this month apparently, but when used wisely, they make life so much better! Ibotta is an app I use to get money back on my shopping trips. I actually signed up for an account 4 years ago, but for whatever reason I didn’t get into it back then. I’m kicking myself now for all the cash rebates I’ve missed out on since then!

It’s really easy to use! You can find different cash rebates available on products at your favorite stores. Make your shopping list and then just add the items you want to “my offers” and shop! Of course every item you’re needing won’t have a rebate, but I’m sure many of your needed grocery items are included. Once you’re done shopping, redeem your receipt. You’ll just need to take a picture of your receipt and then verify the offers by scanning the barcodes of the items. Don’t worry, it sounds complicated, but the app walks you through it!

I used it yesterday and got $4 in rebates at Harris Teeter. Doesn’t sound like much, but I go grocery shopping at least once weekly and that all adds up! You can even use it while you’re shopping online. You’re going to be shopping, might as well get rewarded for it! If you’d like to try Ibotta you can sign up through the link here. That is a referral link for me and $10 welcome gift for you 🙂

Fitbit: Charge 2 HR

It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with my Fitbit. Health and wellness are really important to me and what you track improves. I got an Apple Watch for Christmas last year and while it was cool and looked nice, it didn’t offer the fitness tracking features I wanted. My Fitbit offers everything I wanted at a more afforable price.

I mainly use it for tracking my steps and activity, but it does so much more than that. Every hour it buzzes to remind me to move if I haven’t gotten at least 250 steps in that hour which I love because some days I’m so busy or focused that I don’t realize how little I’ve moved. It also celebrates with confetti when I’ve hit my daily step goal (11,000 steps!) I love the encouragement! Through the Fitbit app I’m able to participate in challenges with other Fitbit friends so that adds a little healthy competition. Sleeping has been a struggle for me whether I’m just going to bed too late or waking up too many times in the night. My sleep is monitored and I’m able to track progress and get a better idea of what happened when I wake up exhausted or well rested.

I definitely move a lot more and do a better job with my wellness in general by using my Fitbit regularly. My movement, sleep, water consumption, and stress levels have improved. It’s nice to have a device that’ll keep track of it for me and hold me accountable.

Podcast: The Dave Ramsey Show

I’ve heard of Dave Ramsey and I’m familiar with his Financial Peace University program, but I’ve recently become an avid listener of his podcast. He takes calls from listeners that have financial based questions and he answers them without sugar coating anything. His personality can be a bit abrasive to some, but he definitely knows what he’s talking about and isn’t afraid to give the tough love to people that need it.

My mind is being transformed by his principles and I’m starting to see money and our future in a totally different way. It’s a bit overwhelming to take it all in, but it’s given me hope that we can build a healthy and abundant financial life. Money is one of the biggest strains on marriage and I want to avoid that stress as much as we possibly can. Eric and I are learning to work together towards a common goal and use will power when it comes to spending. We’re a team and although we’re not yet where we want to be, it’s an amazing feeling to look ahead and know we can get there! We also ordered his book Total Money Makeover, so it’s lots of Dave in our house.

If you’re needing money guidance (lets be real, we all do) give this show a listen. You can listen on the podcast app on your phone and it’s also on some radio stations (people local to Raleigh, it’s usually on 106.1 around 6pm). Be educated and encouraged in your finances!


Well that’s all for October! I hope this is beneficial for you — so much fun for me to put together and I look foward to sharing next month. What favorites do you have!? Leave a comment — I’d love to check it out ❤ 


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