Oct Progress & Nov Goals

Welcome, November!

The weather here in North Carolina is finally starting to get on board with fall, although it’s currently 73 degress… still trying to make sweater weather work. Halloween has come and gone which means it’s the beginning of the holiday thrill!! This is my favorite time of year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years/my birthday! Lots of family time, holiday parties, and full schedules are coming, but there’s still plenty of time to make progress on your goals before 2018! So, here we go Powersheets!!

October Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Contentment — Contentment in my life is still going strong. I feel like I’m breaking the chains that materialism had on me. I used to feel the need to buy (impulsive purchases were the worst). By focusing on this and setting goals with Eric, I’ve put a gap between me and the need to spend. Although there are things I want, I am content with what I have.
  • Wise finances — This goes hand in hand contentment. We were mostly wise in our spending, much better than months in the past. We’re focusing on the big picture goal and using that as a guide instead of going with the immediate gratification. Win!
  • Let go! Surrender — I am not the best at surrendering. In fact, I really prefer being in control. But I did make progress each day letting go of the things I cannot control and giving it to God. It’s slowly sinking in that it’s not all up to me.
  • Blog growth opportunity — I’m really excited about this one! I absolutely love blogging and connecting with you through my words here on this platform. I had fallen off a bit, unsure of the direction, but over the last month I’ve gained clarity and knowledge about WordPress. I’m thrilled to see how this blog and community evolves!
  • Cultivate community — I’ve been working on creating community both in person and online. This blog serves as a form of commuity and I’ve relaunched my Facebook “like page” to cultivate community in that space as well. I connected with friends by getting together in person, phone calls, texts, etc and made new friends. Community is so important to me and I want to surround myself with amazing people.
  • Prepare for small group — So excited for this! It’s interesting that these monthly goals really compliment each other well. To further cultivate community, my husband and I alongside another married couple will be launching a new small group in January! It’s something I’ve never done before, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to co-lead. We’ve gotten details ironed out and met with our area pastor for some fellowship and training. It’s going to be awesome!!

Weekly Goals

  • Connect with Eric — This is challenging with our busy schedules, but we did our best. Often times it meant late night chats after work or Netflix episodes (we’re finally getting into Stranger Things!) when we should be sleeping, but we’re making it work.
  • Drink only water (at least 100oz/day) — I didn’t drink only water like the first half of the goal stated, but I did focus on my water consumption and met my 100oz goal most days.
  • Morning routine — Still a challenge for me, so it’s getting moved to the “daily goal” section for November. My morning varies day to day depending on which community I’m working in and what I have going on after work. I think it would help me if I better determined what this morning routine should look like, so I’ll put that together today. All in all, I was happy if I did my devotional and took a walk with Stella and Eric. Working on getting rid of the phone habit first thing.
  • Enthusiasm & growth at work — I’m learning more and more each day! I’m settled into my two communities, so now I’m focused on learning more about them and how I can better serve our customers in their home search.

Daily Goals

  • Worship & Praise — Achieved 30/31 days
  • Active body — Achieved 27/31 days
  • Meditate — Achieved 28/31 days
  • Nurture plants — Achieved 23/31 days

I feel good about these daily goals. None of them were perfectly completed, but that’s totally okay because the point isn’t to be perfect. The point is to make progress and I definitely believe I did. Instead of getting too caught up in the details, I’m focusing on overall wellness and joy. Worship & praise and being active may look a bit different every day, but I think the flexibility is what’s keeping me going instead of being too rigid and shutting down. Sometimes our goals don’t get accomplished in the way we expected.

October had the potential to be really hectic, and I guess in some ways it was, but it was also so good! I’m loving the fall weather and true change in season. Fall reminds us that it’s important to let go of what’s old to make space for what’s to come. We can trust in the goodness ahead!

November Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Surrender — Let go!
  • Gratitude
  • Small group prep
  • Pay off credit cards
  • $1,000 in savings — Emergency Fund
  • Post Licensing classes (2)
  • 2,000 likes on blog’s Like Page

Weekly Goals

  • Love Eric well
  • Encourage someone
  • Increase knowledge + confidence at work
  • Blog post

Daily Goals

  • Active body
  • Morning routine
  • Prayer
  • Meditate
  • Plant care

I’m so ready to FLOURISH in November and make progress on these goals! I’m moving closer and closer to the big goals I have and that’s so exciting. Remember, little by little progress adds up. If you keep taking one step after another you will get where you want to be as long as you don’t stop. You got this!!!

What are you working towards accomplishing in November!?


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