A time for letting go

I am not a fan of the cold weather. Usually about this time of year I start craving spring for its warmth (even though we just got out of the heat…) and fresh life. But each year I start appreciating fall a bit more.

I enjoy change. I’m not always good at it, but I welcome it. It’s nice to move into a new season. Plus haven’t we missed the pumpkin flavored everything!?

Each season brings different messages and teaches us new things. One season will never last forever! In order to grow into our potential we need to move through the seasons and be open to the lessons.

Something I’m learning more and more about this season is letting go.


As we walk through life, we pick up and carry things. Some of these things are beautiful. Sweet memories. Relationships. Love. Achievements. Some we wish we could forget — ones that are no longer serving us. But it’s hard to let things go. Even when we really want to.

I struggle with letting go. Letting go of the mess in my house in favor of rest. Letting go of the need to be right in favor of repairing the relationship. Letting go of hurt in favor of forgiving and moving on. Letting go of the comparisons in favor of peace and contentment. I hold so tightly to the things that aren’t serving me that I don’t have the space for the things that do. Why can’t I just let go??

Because it’s hard. Messy. Scary. I don’t know how to let go. And what if when I do it’s not any better? I’ll feel out of control, but still in the same spot. Maybe I’ll even be worse off. Maybe it’s not worth it. Maybe I just can’t do it. So maybe I’ll continue to hold on…

I don’t want to deal with it. Isn’t it just easier that way? Continue to push it back as it gets heavier and heavier. But it needs to be dealt with. The baggage, whatever I need to let go of, never just affects me. It leaks out.

Right now, the leaves are demonstrating how it’s done. It’s an expected part of the season and it’s beautiful.

Let go of my self doubts and limiting beliefs.

Let go of my unrealistic expectations of myself and those around me.

Let go of that weight I’ve been carrying.

I will walk lighter and it’ll feel good. It’s not our natural tendency to surrender. If you’re a self proclaimed control freak like me, that’s the hardest thing to do. But there’s beauty and freedom in the surrender.

It’s not my job to carry it around until it’s fixed. I don’t think that’s how it even works. It only becomes heavier and heavier. But I know what will work. If I learn from it and lay it down at His feet. Let go. Surrender.

Enjoy the season of letting go. As you’re admiring the vibrant leaves falling everywhere, ask yourself “what do I need to let go?” You don’t have to carry it any longer. What you carry with you will never be able to compare to what Jesus gives you. Peace, joy, freedom are with Him. Freedom is so much sweeter than our own baggage prison ❤


26 thoughts on “A time for letting go

  1. Thanks for posting this. Usually the colder months are hard on me for a number of reasons, but it’s great to see that others have the same feelings and have worked through it 🙂

  2. Tis the season for a lot of us to get stuck in a slump. It’s definitely a struggle we all find hard to face and admit to. This is a great article and great advice!

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