3 FREE ways to earn money on your phone

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We all have different reasons for making some side money. Maybe you’re trying to pay off debt. Maybe you’re doing alright financially, but you want a bit more margin between income and budget. Maybe you want to treat yourself without dipping into your usual income. No matter the reason I think we can all agree a bit of extra is never a bad thing!

You’re here because you saw there’s FREE ways to earn money from your phone — you are a smart cookie! Apps are a beautiful thing and do you know what’s even more fantastic!? You’ll be earning money by doing things you’re likely already doing! So might as well get paid, right!? That’s a no brainer. Lets get these apps downloaded and you on your way to earning some cash!

#1 Ibotta

Yes, you’ve heard about this one before because it was one of my October Favorites! If you aren’t familiar with Ibotta you can go to that post to learn a bit more about it, but basically it’s an app that gives rebates for shopping certain items. Not every single store is available, but it’s a good bet you do shop with at least one of the stores.

Create your shopping list (I usually just do this for groceries, but places like Target, Amazon, and Kohls are on there as well) and then check which items are offered on Ibotta — simple! I make my list first so I’m not adding in a bunch of unnecessary items which would defeat the purpose. Pay attention to the available bonuses as well. You can earn additional bonuses depending on things like number of offers redeemed, certain products purchased, and referring friends to earn money through rebates too!

After 2 shopping trips I earned $37.25 by taking advantage of the Ibotta offers and bonuses. You can withdraw your earnings by cash (Venmo or Paypal) or various giftcards. Almost $40 for something I need to do anyways?? Yes, please!

If you’d like to try Ibotta you can sign up through the link here! A $10 welcome gift is waiting for you!

#2 Swagbucks

This app/website is super easy money! It’s easy, but it’s not quick money. It does require some work and attention, but otherwise it’s very simple. You earn “swagbucks” (1 swagbuck = 1 penny) through various activities such as watching videos, answering surveys, shopping sites from Swagbucks, entering swag codes and participating in site wide challenges.

A penny at a time doesn’t sound like it would add up to much, but it does! Since starting in late October (and not really taking it “seriously” until November) I have earned a $25 Amazon gift card which went towards a Christmas present 😉 You’re surfing the web or on your phone pretty much 99% of the time, might as well earn some spending money in the background.

When I have downtime I’ll open a tab for Swagbucks to run the videos or set aside some time to focus on attempting a survey. I will tell you that I don’t qualify for many of the surveys, but overall I’ve had good success with them. They don’t take much time, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

There’s more tips and tricks I can share with you personally if you’re interested — I’ve picked up on some helpful things along the way that’s helping me earn more and make the most of my free time!

If you’re interested in earning some extra money for the holidays coming up or just as a treat for yourself, try it out by signing up here! You’ll get a $3 bonus once you earn 300SB.

#3 Achievement

This is an app I actually found through Swagbucks and I like it! I do wish I could earn money faster, but the reason I use it is because I’m earning money for something I would be doing anyways, similar to the thought behind using Ibotta.

Achievement rewards you for healthy activities! I linked it to my Fitbit, so it automatically syncs each day based on my healthy activities. I’ve been earning points (that go towards earning cash) from my sleep, water, and steps. Every so often there are available offers that you can earn points from as well.

10,000 points can be redeemed for $10. It’ll take some time to earn that, but if you’re wearing a fitness tracker anyways, might as well connect it to the app and start earning towards your $10. It’s mindless as far as work put into the app, so I’m okay with it taking longer. Ready to set it and forget it?? Get started with Achievement by signing up here! You’ll get 500 points right off the bat just for signing up! 🙂

What are your favorite free apps or websites for earning some extra money!? 


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