November Progress & December Goals

Happy holidays, friends!!! Yet again, this month flew by! I’m more and more appreciative of my Powersheets for that very reason. Without this intentional goal planner, a month would have flown by and I’d feel flustered and frustrated because I just let it carry me along. But WITH my Powersheets I can look back and quickly identify where progress was made and where I’d like to shift focus. Living intentionally is a beautiful thing!

I don’t always have it together though. In fact, many days are still challenging, embarrassing, confusing. One of those embarrassing moments happened Monday night…

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.09.56 PM

It’s 5:00pm and it’s time to leave work. I’m driving Old Faithful (our trusty Honda Civic) down to Fuquay from Raleigh and I need gas on this trip. No “gas blocks” are left and I’m determined to make it to the next Sheetz — success! I pull into the pump and decide to go into the bathroom while I’m waiting for it to finish (realize after telling the story to my husband that’s a bad idea since those auto pump things don’t always stop, but whateva).

I come back out to my car and it’s like my brain shut off for 20 seconds. I hop in, crank it, and carefully begin to pull away. At that moment I hear a noise and my first thought is “I accidentally bumped the truck next to me.” Nope. Rearview mirror shows a nozzle and gas line hanging out the side of my car. OMG! Has anyone else ever done that??

I’m so embarrassed and have this split second of panic. Is everything ok?? Did anyone notice? Do I put it back and drive off or go in and tell the workers!? Well yes, everything was ok. Not sure if anyone noticed since nobody said anything but there were cars on either side of me. Probably just as out of it as I was. And yes, I did go in to tell the workers so they wouldn’t be surprised at the end of their shift.

Apparently this happens more often than you’d think and there’s a good reason for the breakaway systems. Had to laugh it off and make sure to get an earlier bed time. I actually drove by that Sheetz again the next day — not sure if the pump was still out-of-order, but definitely learned my lesson to always be alert at the gas station.

I’m not always a hot mess… So lets move on to progress, shall we??

November Progress

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.09.45 PM

Daily Goals

  • Surrender/let go — This goal isn’t quite checked all the way off yet mostly because it’s always a work in progress. I didn’t do as well with surrendering as I expected, so I’m still working on it. I decided to not make it a December goal because I feel like it’ll show up through my other goals such as meditation and loving Eric well. Both of those items require me to surrender or let go in some tangible way, so I’ll continue to make progress.
  • Gratitude — Can’t have Thanksgiving without gratitude! Since we’re in the season, it was a bigger focus for me. I’m blessed way beyond what I deserve and for that I’m oh so grateful! I also think it’s important to let people know we’re thankful for them, so I’m trying to do that more often.
  • Small group prep — We are SO excited about our upcoming small group!!! We’ve gotten interest and actually met with 2 amazing couples a few Sundays ago. We’ll continue to share and invite as our first meeting is happening in January. Please be praying the right couples come along to join us!
  • Pay off credit cards — Feels amazing to have this goal completed!! Things had gotten out of hand a bit and it’s insane how much we can pay towards credit cards each month, but now that money will be ours. We may have a small revolving balance from time to time, but it’ll certainly be paid off every single month.
  • $1,000 in savings – Emergency Fund — Thrilled that we were able to accomplish this goal on day 1 of November. Having an emergency fund makes life so much easier. Doesn’t mean emergencies won’t happen, but we’re prepared when they do.
  • Post licensing classes (2) — Making my way through my 3 post licensing classes! 2 are now complete as of November 30th. I’ll start my 3rd and final one on Monday, so wish me luck! It’s a pain right now to be taking these night classes, but it’ll be so worth it once they’re all done!
  • Like page to 2,000 likes — I didn’t get close to this goal, but I did make some progress. I’m also going to shift focus towards Instagram for December. I’m growing at a faster rate there and really like how easy it is to connect with hashtags and stories! Remember, it’s always okay to pivot in your goals when things don’t feel right! 

Weekly Goals

  • Love Eric well — We have been communicating so much better. We have challenging moments, but we work through them as a team. Love truly is a verb and we’re learning more about how to be a good husband and wife each day.
  • Encourage someone — This is done through my social media posts, face to face conversations, and random texts. I believe we can always use more encouragement, so I try to share that as much as I can. There is no limit, so lets lift each other up!!
  • Increase knowledge + confidence at work — Every day I’m learning more and more! With that knowledge comes confidence. I’m getting more settled into my role, communities, and work routine. I love the support and family atmosphere that’s in our company and I’m very excited for what’s to come!
  • Blog post — My goal is to post at least once a week (every Monday) and that happened in November! I love blogging and sharing my world with you through my words. It’s such a joy to be able to type up a post that’ll encourage someone else. Thank you for reading a being a major part of this goal! ❤

Daily Goals

  • Active body — Achieved 26/30 days
  • Morning routine — Achieved 28/30 days
  • Prayer — Achieved 30/30 days
  • Meditate — Achieved 18/30 days
  • Plant care — Achieved 20/30 days

Ya girl is back on track with working out!!! I’m so happy about that! I’ve been focusing on being more active and not restricting myself to just meeting that goal when I “workout.” I don’t see a long walk and a workout as the same thing, but both are beneficial. I also think I personally need both. I enjoy lifting weights and pushing my body to get stronger. I also enjoy long walks with Eric and Stella to talk and soak in some fresh air. So yay to getting in a good routine with both!

Progress was definitely made this month. My morning routine is looking better now since I’ve reintroduced workouts to my mornings. I’m feeling a lot more peace and joy this month and I think making progress on these daily goals have attributed to that! Wasn’t near perfect, but that’s not what I’m going for. I made progress and I feel good, so I’m celebrating that!!

December Goals

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.10.09 PM

Monthly Goals

  • Enjoy & celebrate Christmas season
  • Small group prep
  • Research products to replace with healthier options
  • Dentist appointment – good report
  • Increase savings by $3,000
  • Finish reading Total Money Makeover
  • Complete post licensing class

Weekly Goals

  • Love & serve Eric well
  • Connect intentionally
  • Rest + relax
  • Blog post
  • Increase Instagram followers by 80/week

Daily Goals

  • Prayer + devotional
  • Active body
  • Meditate
  • Learn at work

I’m so excited to make what matters happen in this last month of 2017! We still have 30 days to make progress and I plan on using those days to the fullest! Soon it’ll be time to start planning for 2018 goals 😉 If you want to goal plan with me and live intentionally, grab your own Powersheets here! Planning and preparing your goals is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. We can plan and accomplish our goals together! ❤

What goal are you working towards before the new year!? 


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