December Progress & 2017 Review

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Happy New Year, friends!!! I hope you were able to reflect on 2017 and celebrate the start of a fresh year! What an exciting time.

I have big, new goals that I’m eager to share with you, but first we need to wrap up 2017. I’m not usually the one that does a lot of reflecting when it comes to the end of a year, but my PowerSheets did encourage me to look back on 2017’s highlights, identify what did and didn’t work, and dream about what I’m excited for ahead.


I wasn’t exactly looking forward to those pages and prompts (mostly because I was sick and feeling bleh), but I’m so glad I took the time to look back before I too far looked ahead. This certainly wasn’t everything (I just realized I left out our wonderful Dominican Republic trip whoops) but so many celebrations, weddings, accomplishments, milestones.

It was so sweet to reflect on the year and all the goodness that happened. It may already be January, but I encourage you to do this Highlights exercise if you haven’t already ❤

Despite the fun, crazy, wonderful holiday season, I did make great progress on my goals!

December Progress


Monthly Goals

  • Enjoy & celebrate Christmas season — The Christmas season is my favorite and I think it just gets sweeter every year!! Eric and I spent great time with both of our families, exchanged gifts, served at our church for the Christmas Eve service, and just enjoyed the time. Thanks to Netflix, I watched a ton of Christmas movies, drank hot chocolate, and cuddled up many nights with Stella while Eric was working hard. Christmas is a beautiful gift of a much needed Savior. I’m grateful I was able to celebrate the season with people I love.
  • Small group prep — We’re not completely done here, but that’s okay! The launch of our small group is quickly approaching (yay!!), but there’s still some planning work Kelly and I have to do, so that’s on task for this Friday. Still so excited about this new community and can’t wait to see what comes from it.
  • Research products to replace with healthier options — I got a list started, but there’s still more research I want to do of which specific non-toxic/healthy products I want to try. I’m going to replace items as we need them, so that will be a process, but I want to be prepared for when that time comes. This is a major focus for my 2018 goals, so it will not be forgotten.
  • Dentist appointment – good report — Check! I greatly dislike the dentist, but I did find a new one in our town that I like, so that’s an accomplishment! No cavities, but of course I need to floss more/better (do they ever not say that!?)
  • Increase savings by $3,000 — We made progress, but didn’t hit our goal. We added $2,000 to our savings account, which is still really awesome. Progress is progress! Eric was gone for a week to Mexico at the beginning of December and that threw us off a bit, plus some extra Christmas spending. We’re on it again for January!
  • Finish reading Total Money Makeover — Done! We read this together out loud at night in bed whenever we could. It was fun to go through together and be able to learn the concepts at the same time. We’re working through our baby step 3!
  • Complete post licensing class — This is finished and it feels SOOOO good!!! Those 90 hours of classes are behind me and I’m a full real estate broker. Amen! God is good!

Weekly Goals

  • Love & serve Eric well — This looked different in December than it did say 6 months ago. I was super busy with class 3 nights a week plus Eric was gone for the first week in December. Sometimes love and serving each other just means taking care of the dog to let the other sleep or going upstairs so the other can nap on the couch in peace (notice how sleep is our love language?? ;)) We will always be growing in this area, but it’s important to communicate and learn what the other person needs.
  • Connect intentionally — Friend dates, random texts, and phone calls. It doesn’t take a lot to connect intentionally, it just takes some thought and action. We have our phones in our hands all the time. Take a moment to reach out to a friend you’ve been thinking about, reach out to make plans with someone you haven’t seen in a while, call your momma. A little thought and love goes a long way!
  • Rest + relax — I’m getting much better about this! It’s honestly taking some time to rework my thinking about resting. I can feel guilty when I rest and relax because it feels like I should be doing something else. But that’s not true. Rest and relaxation are crucial. I cozied up and watched Christmas movies with Stella. Me and my sister got our nails done. I was forced to rest (or at least as best as I could) at the end of December due to a bad sinus infection sickness. The rest was worth it because I’m almost back to normal!
  • Blog post — I have a goal to post weekly and that was accomplished! I love writing and I love using this platform to connect and inspire, so it’s a treat. I’m excited to continue growing the blog and providing content for you! What would you like more of??
  • Increase Instagram followers by 80/week — Most weeks I didn’t hit 80, but I did have an increase each week, so I’m still happy there. I know there’s sneaky ways to grow IG like bots and paying for followers, but I don’t want that. I want to increase my followers to increase influence and be able to connect with more people, so slow and steady wins the race.

Daily Goals

  • Prayer + devotional — Achieved 31/31 days
  • Active body — Achieved 26/31 days
  • Meditate —  Achieved 18/31 days
  • Learn at work — Achieved 18/18 days

Looks like good progress to me! I had a good amount of PTO and time off in December which was a huge blessing. Being active and meditating fell off since I got sick. I was focused on resting my body and trying to heal it. It was really nice to just have 4 (or 3 on a non-work day) daily focuses with such a busy month! Note to self, you can’t do it all and do it all well. It was so much better for me to keep these to a minimum so I didn’t get overwhelmed and burnt out. Wellness is important, mental just as much as physical.


We did it!! We tackled another year. It had ups and downs, but no matter what happened you got through 100% of your hard days. Way to go!! Celebrate those last 365 days and then lets get to work. 2018 has amazing things in store! More goals, encouragement, and other goodies will be coming your way here ❤

What was a favorite moment from 2017?


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