Monthly Favorites | January 2018

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January has been full of so many awesome things! The start of a fresh year, motivation for new goals, and some pretty fantastic things that have made my life easier and more flourishing. That’s the point of these monthly favorites posts — to share what’s working for me with you! Lets help each other flourish! Here’s 5 things I’ve been loving this month


I’m not sure how I’ve gone almost 26 years without one. Well for a majority of those years I didn’t have to worry about it, but ya know. My adult life has greatly improved with this handy tool. I used some of my Christmas giftcards to order this steamer off Amazon and I’m a big fan! I definitely wanted one that would be affordable, simple to use, compact enough to travel with and use on the daily if needed, and work well. This one hits all the marks!

So far I used it on a pair of white jeans and a delicate white shirt that has a sheer overlay. With both pieces the wrinkles came out in just a few minutes. The steamer heats up quickly (it says within 2 minutes, but it seems a lot faster to me!) and gets to work. I’ve never been an ironing girl, so this is a major win! No more wrinkly clothes when we’re traveling or just too lazy to get out the iron and board. If you don’t have one already, you should probably add it to your Amazon cart, like now.

E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set

In an effort to detoxify our home and our products and to be less wasteful, I was on a search for a cleaning product that would meet both those needs. I’ve always just used the disinfecting wipes or different cleaner sprays with paper towels. I saw these in someone’s Instagram story that was thinking about trying Norwex, but didn’t want to deal with the cost.

I’ve used the kitchen cloth a few times now and am transitioning to using the others as well. This 8 piece set includes pretty much everything you would need to clean your home. Each cloth is for a different area (two Glass and Polishing Cloths, a Kitchen Cloth with scrubbing pocket, a Bathroom Cloth, a Window Cloth, a Dusting Cloth, a Stainless Steel Cloth, and a Range and Stovetop Cloth) and they are labeled on the cloth so you don’t have to remember, although you’ll learn the more you use them.

They only need water, remove 99% of bacteria, and are guaranteed for 300 machine washings. Less wasteful: check. Non-toxic: check. I’m excited to use them more throughout our home!

Essential oils

The more I learn about and use essential oils, the more I fall in love. I ordered a starter kit from Young Living in November, so I’m still new to EO, but I’m incorporating them more and more into our life and home. I love diffusing them instead of candles to freshen up a room and assist with whatever I’m needing at the moment (some faves are a sleepy blend in our bedroom for sleep or Purification in the kitchen when I’m cleaning or cooking). I’ve also made a few different roller blends: Sleep Tight, Glowing Skin, Happy Tummy, Early Mornings.

We had a sick house over the holidays and having the starter oils gave me so much peace of mind. When you’re not feeling good, you’re willing to try anything to feel better, right? Anything I could do to boost our immunities and give some relief was done. I was amazed by the oils’ powers to support our bodies. I’ve got my eye on more oils to add to my collection based on recommendations and different healthy DIYs I want to try. Need to budget them in first of course 😉

Simplified Planner

I’ve been a planner girl for as long as I can remember. I always have my phone on me, but I just need that pen and paper to keep my life straight. This is my first year using a Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and I’m not sure I can ever go back to anything else.

I adore this planner for a couple big reasons first being the heart behind it. I love Emily Ley as a person (don’t know her, but wish we were best friends). She’s on a mission to help women simplify their lives so that they can focus on what matters most. Yes please! Not to mention, the planner is beautiful! I look forward to using it and making progress through my days. It helps me stay organized through my busy days without feeling overwhelmed. I can just take it a day at a time and do my best.

Small Group

I am absolutely loving our small group! We finally launched our Young Married Couples Small Group on January 11th and it’s incredible! There is something so special about face to face community. I’m especially excited that it’s a group of people that are at the same life stage as we are: young, married, no kids yet. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people of all stages because we can all learn from one another, but it’s also important to have those people that are walking the same path at the same time. When we go through struggles, we have a group of people that can help carry us through. When we’re celebrating victories, we have a group of people that can cheer us on!

In our digital world it’s becoming more and more difficult to have those face to face interactions. We live busy lives and can feel a simliar connection through the power of social media, but nothing can ever replace in person. Grab coffee with a girlfriend, seek out a small group in your area, or even start a group of your own! We all crave community and connection and it’s so fruitful to do life with others. 

What have you been loving lately!? Leave your favorites in the comments below ❤

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