My Whole30 | Week 3

Three weeks of eating this way — so far so good!

I’m going through eggs like crazy! It’s the easiest way for me to get that protein in. I enjoy cooking and having my meals prepared, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Having a go to meal with ingredients you always keep on hand and a frozen option (like my Chile Lime chicken burgers) will keep you sane and on track!

Whole30 isn’t necessarily hard, but it does require a lot of planning and preparation which can be challenging, especially when something happens like a busier than expected day. Set yourself up for success by planning and preparing as much as you possibly can and having a backup option just in case.

Week 3 Aldi Grocery Haul

Week 3 Meals


  • Eggs muffins with mushroom, spinach, and nutritional yeast
  • Rx Bar or fruit in a pinch


  • Chile lime chicken burgers with veggies (as seen in Week 2)
  • Zoodles + turkey meatballs (also seen in Week 2) this marinara sauce from Aldi is my new favorite and a must have around our house
  • My go to salad as seen in Week 1 and Week 2 cause it’s a go to for a reason — so easy and so good! (bed of spinach, mashed sweet potato, scrambled eggs, avocado with fresh lemon juice as dressing and sprinkle of Everything But the Bagel Seasoning)


  • Baked chicken, sweet potato, cauliflower rice with onion (leftovers for week 4, win!)



  • Dried mango slices (make sure to get dried fruit that doesn’t have added sugar)
  • Celery or apple slices with almond butter
  • Hazelnuts

Week 3 Experience

I’m loving Whole30, but I’m also quite ready for it to be over.

I’m feeling good! I’m learning a lot about reading labels and what to look out for (sugar is in everything it seems)! My body composition is improving — I’m feeling stronger from my workouts and look more toned. All really amazing things, but I’m ready to stop being so limited in my foods.

Eric and I were too lazy to cook Sunday night. I was exhausted from not enough sleep and a busy day and I just wasn’t prepared. Chipotle can be compliant as long as you order correctly (lettuce, carnitas, pico, and guacamole), but we didn’t feel it would be worth the money spent. So instead we went to a local restaurant, Bass Lake Draft House. This place has the deliciously tempting cheese fries I love — I felt strong enough to say no. I had their cobb salad without the cheese and a side of sweet potato fries. I forgot to ask for no corn (whoops) so I ate around it.


I’ve discovered different foods I enjoy thanks to Whole30. Sometimes I just want to be able to add some black beans to my Chipotle order or have a piece of sweet cornbread with my salad without worrying too much. I do enjoy eating this way and will probably continue to do so with some modifications depending on how my reintroduction goes. It’s been challenging for me to live in the real world while still staying true to my Whole30. It’s definitely not impossible, but it does require planning ahead, research, and asking questions.

A usual trip to Starbucks used to look like ordering whatever I wanted off the menu. I’m not a big coffee person, so that’s usually something sweet and yummy. Now it looks like doing a little research on Google, asking if the compliant drink is available, finding out it’s not, asking questions about what’s in the alternative, and going with a unsweetened fruity tea. Starbucks isn’t a common part of my life, but it is a convenient place to meet up with friends, so it’s been a small part of my Whole30.

Unsweetened Passion Tango Ice Tea

I think I’m just feeling a bit drained with it all. I do enjoy cooking, but my enthusiasm for meal planning and prepping is dwindling. Eric working at the restaurant most of the time makes it a bit easier in a way because I’m only planning and cooking for myself, but it also makes it a bit harder because I don’t have anyone to share the planning, cooking, and dishes with. It’s okay! I’ve made it this far and I can complete it!

My cravings are minimal and I can tell my tastebuds have started changing too. Your body craves what you feed it, so since mine hasn’t had added sugar in 21 days it doesn’t care for it. That’s a victory because I have a big sweet tooth! It really does feel empowering to feel healthy and in control of my food choices instead of letting my cravings dictate what I reach for to put on my plate.

Week 3 feels like a slump mentally, but I’m proud of myself for committing and getting this far! 9 days to go. I got this, but can definitely use some encouragement. The finish line is in sight — I’m so excited to share all the positive changes!

What are your favorite encouraging words?


4 thoughts on “My Whole30 | Week 3

  1. Great post Rachel. I did Whole 30 several years ago and definitely understand what you’re going through. You’ve come so far, you can absolutely make it these last 9 days! There are many things that Ron and I learned on Whole 30 that we incorporate into our daily lives even now. You’re learning to listen to your body and that’s a great thing!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Linda!!! That’s so awesome! I can definitely see so many lessons and aspects that I want to carry through into “post-Whole30” life

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