My Whole30 | Week 4

28 days down already. TWO MORE DAYS TO GO!!! Time is flying!

Some things I have learned so far…

Anything can be made into a salad. 

Anything can become brunch if you add an egg to it. 

I’m loving Whole30 more and more. It’s becoming easier and less mentally taxing to be eating this way. I don’t have to think about it as hard because I’ve been eating like this for almost a month and I’ve found some go-to Whole30 meals that I love and can continue to eat week after week. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here!

Week 4 Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

Week 4 Meals


  • Egg muffins with spinach and mushroom + avocado
  • Leftovers + fried egg (so good, so easy, and such a good use of leftovers!)


  • Baked chicken, sweet potato, cauliflower rice with onion (leftovers from week 3)


  • Chicken burger with veggies (Thank you, Whole30, for bringing these into my life! My new favorite freezer must have)


  • Salmon, asparagus, and red potatoes (Shoutout to hubby for making this! roasted potatoes and asparagus was used for the leftover breakfast — amazing!)


  • Of course my go to salad (Easy to make ahead of time for lunch at work)


  • Shrimp salad with spinach, peaches, avocado and lime juice (Not necessarily the combo I would have put together, but it was really tasty!)


Week 4 Experience

Again, I’m really enjoying eating this way. I do miss wine, chocolate, and cheese fries, but not in the way I thought I would. I’m so much stronger when it comes to saying no to foods that aren’t worth it too. Eric brought home dinner from work (aka delicious Mexican food) and although I would have really loved some, I was fine with him eating in front of me and I didn’t feel like I was missing out. There’s been a mind shift. I’m not held captive to cravings.

I really don’t even have cravings anymore. If something is right in front of me, then it is more tempting, but that’s different than craving foods that just come to mind. It’s been really eye opening to see how responsive I was to cravings in the past and how often I would “treat” myself just because. Because it was a long day, because I earned it, because I want it. Now I’m being more mindful and finding other ways to treat myself. Maybe a long walk when the weather is nice or an episode on Netflix. If I’m still hungry after that I’ll have a healthier snack. And I feel good about it!

I’ve only eaten out for two meals during Whole30. I love how much I’ve been in the kitchen! It does take a lot of meal planning and prepping to stick to Whole30 without driving yourself crazy, but I’m loving that flow! It’s a habit I’ve been wanting to get back into: meal plan, grocery, meal prep. It makes each day so much easier and reduces the decisions I have to make each day.

Instead of wondering what I’ll eat for dinner and then snacking away cause I’m starving, I move forward with the plan. Some nights that’s heating up leftovers. Some nights it’s more involved with making something on the stove. No matter what I have a game plan and it reduces the mindless eating by a hangry Rachel.

When you’re eating different from the norm (aka Whole30), group gatherings can be challenging. Of course you can’t expect people to know your nutrition guidelines, much less to provide something compliant. If you’re facing something like this (maybe a gathering with friends, a party, a bridal/baby shower, etc) I have a few tips for you…

  1. Eat before you go. You won’t be tempted by other foods because you’re full. In case there isn’t anything you can eat you’ll be fine to just enjoy the gathering instead of being hungry and potentially going off plan.
  2. Offer to bring something. This is helpful to the host as well as yourself. You’ll be contributing something to the gathering and ensuring there’s something you can eat while staying true to your Whole30. Win win!
  3. Share your goals in advance. Depending on the get together, this may not always be necessary. If you do choose to share, it’s possible the host will be able to accommodate. At the very least, they will hopefully be more understanding of what you’re doing with the Whole30 and help hold you accountable.

We meet every Thursday with our small group. We finished up a study series last week, so this week we met to fellowship and share appetizers. My group is aware I’m doing Whole30 because I’ve shared my goals, but I wasn’t expecting anyone to bring a compliant dish. No biggie — Eric and I ate dinner before we went and I brought a fresh fruit salad to snack on with everyone else. While all the appetizers looked delicious, I still had a great time with everyone and was satisfied.


And proud. Each day has gotten a bit easier and better. It’s so funny because before I started I never would have thought I could do it. But now, I can’t imagine going back to fully the way I was before. Experiences change you ❤

28 days is pretty much the same as 30, right?? It would be easy at this point to say it’s just good enough and slide back into all the sugar, gluten, and wine. But I’m determined to make these next two days the BEST two days! Then I’ll start introducing the foods I’ve been without and see how it goes 😉

Thanks for following along so far! Can’t wait to share all my results soon!!


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