March Progress | April Goals 2018

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Hi friend! I always feel a bit thrown off when there’s a holiday or a big trip right at the beginning of the month. Thrown off in the best way possible, of course. It’s like there’s the anticipation and excitement over the event and then once it passes you realize the new month is well under way and you’re just like whaaaa??

Well that’s been me in the beginning of April as I’m still trying to get a grip that March is over and spring is finally here. I mean like it’s officially here because the pollen is out in full force in our great state of North Carolina. My least favorite part of the season, but hey, gotta go through it, right?

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Our day was full of friends, family, and celebration. It was jam packed and beautiful! We worshipped our risen King with friends, spent time with family, and celebrated Stella’s fourth birthday (aka gave her a big treat cookie). Perfection ❤

Now lets dig in to my Powersheets progress and what’s ahead!

March Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Health Appointments: dermatologist and eye doctor: Both went so well and were much needed. It was my first dermatologist appointment and I haven’t been to the eye doc in years so yay for health! I did have to get one mole removed on my arm, but everything else looked fine. SPF and better skin habits for the win! My eyes aren’t 20/20 anymore (adulting…), but they’re pretty close and I got some cute new glasses
  • Pack + prepare for LA: Packing is always such a hassle, but it gets easier everytime I do it. I have a post all about packing, but maybe an updated one is needed?
  • LA Trip & celebrate Eric’s birthday: We had an absolute blast in Los Angeles and we’re ready for our next trip out west! You can read all about our trip here.
  • Try/cancel Blue Apron: Mission accomplished! I actually enjoyed Blue Apron better than Hello Fresh (better meals, no shipping delays, easy instructions). It’s a service I would be open to trying again in the future, but not a need for our budget right now.
  • Read book #3: I read “It Starts with Food” by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig (the creators of Whole30). It was a super interesting read and taught me a lot in regards to Whole30 and how food affects our health. I would definitely recommend it if you’re thinking about doing Whole30 and/or want to learn more about the relationship between what we eat and how we feel.
  • Plan March blog content: Done! This has been so helpful in getting blog content up and out for you! Is there anything you’d love to read?? Let me know in the comments below.
  • Upgrade blog plan: Done! I went for years with the free blog plan, so having my own domain, more flexibility in the blog theme, and more opportunities in growing my little corner of the internet is so exciting!
  • Research financial advisors in area: We utilized Dave Ramsey’s SmartVestor Pro Program which helps connect you with financial advisors in your area that are endorsed by Dave. It is a paid endorsement, but the professionals are vetted. I’ve spoken with all 5 and will actually be meeting with one we feel will be a good fit. More to come on all this financial stuff soon!
  • Be still: Still very much a work in process. I suppose I won’t ever “arrive,” but I have more progress I want to make in this area.

Weekly Goals

  • Unplugged date: We did well with this, especially since we had a few Thursdays off together. Day dates are my fave since it’s such a treat! I do feel we need to get back to being more intentional here. The unplugged part of this is still key so that we use our time together well.
  • Check in with E: This has become part of the flow in our days and weeks. Since we’ve gotten into such a good rhythm I’m removing it from my Powersheets for April. We will continue to check in as needed, definitely at the beginning of every month and I’ll add it back if we start to slip.
  • Intentional Instagram: Through my quarterly refresh prep work, I determined my social media mission statement is: I intentionally use my platform to spread light and positivity. I connect purposefully and focus on what’s most important. I shared things that were real and meaningful to me instead of just posting to post.
  • Blog post: I strive to be intentional in my blog by sharing what’s important to me. I posted weekly — I’m enjoying the writing and sharing process.
  • Be early: I did well here, but still have work to do. I get lazy sometimes and choose to snooze instead of using my time well. Time to refocus and pull this back together.

Daily Goals

  • Bible Plan — Achieved 28/31 days
  • Meditate — Achieved 28/31 days
  • Pure Barre — Achieved 22/31 days
  • Soul care at night — Achieved 26/31 days

I’m very happy with the progress I made in March. These daily goals are all positive habits I want to cultivate and I think they’re going well! All are easily measurable (I completed it, yes or no) except for the last. I realized it was hard for me to judge if I had actually completed this goal for each day because “soul care” is a loose term. When I was setting goals for April I better defined this phrase. It’s an important goal to me because when I haven’t given the necessary care and attention to myself and what’s going to fill me up, I feel burnout and overwhelm. Those aren’t good places to live from, so I’m being intentional to do something different.

April Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Stillness + Rest
  • Support opening of Vida Dulce
  • Plan April blog content
  • Set up our wills
  • Decide on financial advisor
  • Read book #4
  • Declutter upstairs

Weekly Goals

  • Lift up others — be a light
  • Social media free day
  • Be early
  • Blog post
  • Instagram with intention

Daily Goals

  • Bible plan
  • Outserve Eric
  • Soul care
  • Pure Barre
  • Write the Word

You don’t have to wait for a new month or a new week to go after what you want. So many of us wait for “next Monday” to begin a new exercise program or “next month” to start working towards that goal we’ve been wanting to accomplish. No matter when you’re reading this, the time is now! His mercies are new every morning and each day is a brand new fresh start. Lets use the gift we’ve been graciously given!

What have you been wanting to accomplish? What’s one step you will take today to start moving towards it? I believe in you!


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