June 2018 Round Up

Wow, 6 months of 2018 complete. How have you been using your year so far!? These round up posts are so fun for me to put together to reflect and summarize my month. Here we go!

3 things I’m excited about

  1. Our second wedding anniversary and our trip! I can’t believe it’s almost been 2 years since we got married! July 9th, 2016 was such a special day because my best friend and I committed forever to each other in the presence of so many family and friends. Marriage is hard, but it’s also such a gift. In honor of our anniversary, I’ll be dedicating an entire post to marriage, so keep an eye out if that interests you!
  2. 100th Pure Barre class! I attended Pure Barre years ago right after I graduated from college, but had a hard time coordinating the class times with my schedule then. I started up again in February and it’s been amazing! I’m getting stronger, mentally and physically, with every class. It’s been the greatest accountability and community. Not to mention my favorite Mexican restaurant is within walking distance and there’s a great nail place two doors down 😉 It’s so challenging, but also one of my favorite things! I can’t say enough good things about the instructors and the studio in general. If you’ve never tried Pure Barre, I suggest checking it out!
  3. Completing the Certified Sales Professional course! I spent two days learning and growing as a real estate professional in the new construction world and it was fabulous! It’s been almost a year since I got my real estate license and I’m all done with my post licensing as of last December, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops. I love that I’m in a field where I can continue to grow and use my strengths to flourish. Plus I actually enjoy class… most of the time. You could call me a nerd 🙂

Quote I’ve been meditating on

“Learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” -E. James Rohn

We’re in a season of excitement and pursuing bigger things! That’s wonderful, but that can also make it easy to lose sight of what we currently have. We are beyond blessed, but those blessings can be missed if we’re only focusing on what’s next or around the corner. I’m learning more and more about contentment. Being happy with what I have now.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want more or better, but it means I don’t need more or better to be happy. That difference is huge. When happiness is always to be found in the next or the more or the better, it will never be achieved. There is always something else that will be next, more, or better. And then happiness will never be where you are. Hold onto happiness with one hand and reach for the next good thing with the other.

Who or what I’m adoring

The Linden Manor — I got to experience the first wedding at this gorgeous venue and see a dream come to life! My good friend, Kelly, and her aunt started up this amazing venue space in Hillsborough, North Carolina. It’s actually her aunt’s home. Can you imagine actually living there!? Stunning home, luxurious pool, and lots of great space on the property for the wedding of your dreams!

I remember when this venue was just a hope and a thought. I helped with one of the first consultation appointments. I’ve prayed for this friend and venue. It was a true honor to be a part of the first BIG day! If it was any indication of the future, I am sure there are many, many more to come! If you’re a bride or know a bride seeking an affordable outdoor wedding space that doesn’t sacrifice beauty, I highly recommend The Linden Manor. The owners are kind, friendly, and professional, plus you may even see me helping behind the scenes! Here’s just a few of my favorite pics from the (hot!) day

Favorite memory from June

Harrison and Jasmine’s wedding and a weekend away in Wilmington was definitely a favorite memory. We had an absolute blast in Wilmington! I had forgotten how close the beach was to where we live and then was kicking myself for not going more often. It was a scorcher weekend, but the heat was worth it. The sweet newlyweds and the wedding were gorgeous! It’s a joy to witness love and welcome friends into the “married club.”

We decided to stay for two nights which was the best decision! The day after the wedding we had a whole day out on the beach. Plus what would a trip to Wilmington be without Britts Donuts!? Eric was in heaven and I certainly ate my fair share. With as busy as we are and as limited as our time together is right now, a weekend away was much needed. Happy marriage to the newest Mr and Mrs!

A good lesson I learned

It’s important to take the time to celebrate others.

We all want to be celebrated, right? We want to be acknowledged for the good work we’re doing and we want our milestones to be noticed. I’m learning this is such a wonderful way to be there for the people in my life and cultivate deeper connections. I love being a part of those moments and I know my people appreciate the support. Time is a gift. If I can’t be there in person, I try to do the next best thing with a text, phone call, or card to let them know I’m thinking about them and celebrating from afar.

Make it a goal to celebrate at least one person in your life each month. My guess is once you get started and seek out those opportunities, you’ll be celebrating loved ones left and right. Moments both big and small deserve to be celebrated, so don’t feel the need to put any limits on it!

In July…

I’m saying no to: time wasters.

I’m saying yes to: waking up early.

Cheers to a safe, happy summer with lots of celebrations! I’ll see you here next week ❤


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